10 questions a top VC firm asked at a recent product presentation

I was recently part of a new social network idea presentation at a major VC firm. I would rather not disclose their name but let’s just say they are one of the big boys. Some of the questions they asked were rather surprising.

1. This does not have a Web 2.0 look. Why is that?
2. Where is the AJAX?
3. I noticed you used ASP.NET by looking at your page extensions. Why? Isn’t that outdated?
4. If we cut you a check today, what’s your plan?
5. How do you plan to “spread” this? Traction is key to your success.
6. Your biggest challenge seems to be marketing this. What do you plan to do?
7. How strong is your management team?
8. Mobile integration is very important to us. How do you plan to integrate mobile features in here?
9. So do you think this can be the next MySpace?
10. What do you see as your biggest challenge in growing this community?

As you may have guessed, the ASP.NET question surprised me the most. I can’t believe they called it outdated. Anyways, I decided to post these because they may help someone out there. I’ll try to share more VC experiences with you in future posts.

10 questions a top VC firm asked at a recent product presentation Comments

  1. Paul Silver says:

    They may have asked the ASP.Net question just to check if you’d made a decision about the language and thought it through, rather than just choosing it because you like it. Your answer can show whether this is a rapidly developed beta for proof of concept which will need re-working later for a larger market, or whether it’s a relatively finished product ready for scaling up for the market.

    The remark about being outdated might be lack of knowledge in the market, or it could be a slight jab to see if you’re going to be a zealot about a particular language, or can defend you technical decisions. It’s difficult to tell from text, but you may have picked up which way they were asking it from the way their tone when asking the question.

  2. Prashant says:

    Thanks . this post is very helpfull in preparing for VC QA Grilling

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