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Michael Bloomberg is rejoining Bloomberg LP

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Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is planning to take over the company he founded again called Bloomberg LP. Bloomberg owns 88% of the company. Bloomberg LP CEO Daniel Doctoroff said he was stepping down at the end of 2014. He worked at Bloomberg ever since January 2008 and became CEO in July 2011.

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Harlem, New York to get free public WiFi

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced yesterday that the city of Harlem would be getting the largest free public WiFi in the U.S. The network is expected to extend 95 blocks and provide free WiFi to the 80,000 residents there. Around 13,000 people live in public housing there. The WiFi will stretch from 110th Street to 138th Street between Frederick Douglass Boulevard and Madison Avenue. The WiFi will be rolled out in three phases starting in May.

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Mayor Bloomberg Blames Theft Of Apple Devices On Increased Crime Rate

New York City’s annual crime rate is going to increase for the first time in 20 years.  Mayor Bloomberg and city officials are blaming the sharp jump in crime squarely on Apple-related crimes.  As of this past Monday, New York City reported 108,432 major crimes in 5 boroughs.  This is 3,484 more compared to the same period last year.  The New York City police saw a dramatic rise in thefts that involved Apple hardware, which is up 3,890 year-over-year.  Thieves are especially interested in iPhones and iPads.

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Airbnb Now Letting New Yorkers Offer Free Housing To Displaced Hurricane Victims

Airbnb is allowing people in New York to provide relief to Hurricane Sandy victims.  The Airbnb program was announced on Twitter by the office of New York Mayor Bloomberg.  As of right now there are around 244 places on Airbnb’s dedicated Hurricane Sandy website.

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WATCH: Aurora Movie Theater Victim Stephen Barton Does PSA For Gun Control

During the next president’s term, around 48,000 people will be killed from a gun.  Stephen Barton, one of the victims from the Aurora movie theater massacre that was committed by James Holmes, has done a PSA video below.  He was one of the 58 people that was injured at the theater and was shot in the face and neck.  Barton has partnered with Mayor Bloomberg to raise the issue of gun violence by asking President Obama and Mitt Romney to offer their plans on the issue.  Below is the video:

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Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans) and Manoj Bhargava (5 Hour Energy) Join Giving Pledge

Dan GilbertManoj Bhargava
Dan Gilbert, the founder of Quicken Loans, and Manoj Bhargava, the founder of 5-Hour Energy, are among two billionaires from Michigan that have joined Giving Pledge.  Giving Pledge is an organization created by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to redistribute their wealth to charity.

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Microsoft and NYPD Partner On Domain Awareness System

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Microsoft Corporation and the New York Police Department have partnered on a new computer system that will pull together data from different safety systems.  This will give law enforcement more real-time information about what is happening at any given moment in time.

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Twitter Opens Office In NYC

Jack Dorsey and Michael Bloomberg officially announced Twitter’s New York City office today. “I want to thank the Mayor for his vision on creating 21st century jobs. I know you have an engineering degree, Mr. Mayor, and you may be looking for a new job soon. We’re hiring,” quipped Dorsey to the mayor.
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