These Former Bain Executives Are Raising $400 Million For A New Hedge Fund Called 325 Capital

By Amit Chowdhry ● Jul 22, 2019
  • 325 Capital — a hedge fund created by three former Bain executives — is looking to raise $400 million to make big bets on small public companies.

According to sources with Business Insider, there are three former Bain executives that are raising $400 million for a small-cap focused hedge fund called 325 Capital. The heads of 325 Capital include Anil Shrivastava, Dan Friedberg, and Michael Braner. Here are their backgrounds prior to launching 325 Capital via LinkedIn:

Anil Shrivastava – Bain & Company (1991-2007), Vestar Capital Partners (managing director 2007-2012), Sunrise Medical (chairman 2009-2012), and Sagard Capital (partner and member of the investment committee 2012-2017)

Dan Friedberg – Bain & Company (1997-2004), Sagard Capital (managing partner 2005-2016), and Hampstead Park Capital Management (2016 onwards)

Michael Braner – Bain & Company (1992-2003), JB Investment Partners (2003-2004), and Sagard Capital (2005-2016)

The fund is going to make big bets on small public companies. And the founders have worked together for over 20 years using a similar approach.

“We strive to collaborate with management teams and boards who are committed to driving long-term, fundamental value,” says 325 Capital’s LinkedIn page. “As lead shareholders, we support our portfolio by working from deeply researched facts, acting as discrete advisors or constructive board members, providing access to a network of relationships, and providing direct growth capital.”

Business Insider’s sources said that the fundraising process is in the early stages so it might be some time until we hear more news about 325 Capital. But if 325 is able to raise $400 million, then it would be one of the biggest launches of the year.