Amazon Alexa Will Be Able To Answer Questions Later On

By Noah Long ● August 8, 2018

Amazon is planning to roll out a feature called “Answer Update,” which would be able to notify Alexa users when the digital assistant learns the answers to questions it did not know the answers to before. Amazon confirmed this feature with TechCrunch.

This would enable users to take advantage of improvements in Amazon’s Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph is Amazon’s database with general facts and stats to help Alexa answer user questions.

“The Alexa service is getting smarter every day, and Answer Updates is just another way we’re continuing to expand Alexa’s Knowledge Graph,” said an Amazon spokesperson via TechCrunch.

Previously, Alexa would respond to questions it did know with “I don’t know that but I’m always learning” and “I can’t find the answer to the question I heard.” By providing a response to an unanswered question later on, it would be a better user experience for people who own Alexa devices.

Answer Updates will send an on-device notification after it learns the answer to a question that was previously asked. And the prompt for turning on Answer Update will be asked to random groups of customers.

The blog first noticed the feature. Voicebot’s Bret Kinsella said he was asked to enable the feature before Amazon confirmed the upcoming feature with TechCrunch.

You can find out if your Alexa device has Answer Update by saying “Alexa, turn on Answer Update.” You can also turn it off by saying “Alexa, turn off Answer Update.”

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