An Apple Watch Lost At Sea For 6 Months Was Found Still Working

By Dan Anderson ● April 26, 2019

About six months ago, Robert Bainter lost his Apple Watch while body surfing in Huntington Beach, California. Interestingly, someone returned his watch back to him six months later and the device still worked.

According to local news outlet KTLA, Bainter called his Apple Watch a good luck charm since it showed his location and how fast he was surfing. But when he was struck by a big wave, the Apple Watch fell off his arm.

Apple has been making improvements to the water resistance capabilities whenever a new Apple Watch is released. But it has not been declared as officially waterproof. The specifications say that the Apple Watch can withstand water submersion of up to 50 meters so it can be used while swimming and surfing.

“This thing has been my good luck charm. I would use it quite often to show the surf and how fast you were going. It would even show you where you were on the beach,” said Bainter via KTLA.

After Bainter lost his Apple Watch, he tried to find it with the Find My iPhone app. But the Apple Watch could not be found with the app. After about six months, Bainter received a call from a number that he did not recognize and it was from a person who said that the Apple Watch was found 3 miles from where it was lost and it was still in working condition. “It’s this guy saying, ‘hey if your name is Rob Bainter and you lost an Apple Watch recently. Give me a call and if you can describe this I’ll give this thing to you,’” Bainter added

The man who found the watch was looking for shells and found the Apple Watch just sitting on the beach. “It was a dream come true! I couldn’t believe it!” Bainter exclaimed. The only issue was that the salt water left a little bit of haze on the screen, but the Apple Watch was still functional.

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