Why Sales Leaders Are Turning To Aptology For Building And Retaining Talent

By Noah Long ● May 14, 2019

Aptology is considered the world’s first and only Sales Fit-to-Role solution that enables sales organizations to understand their performance drivers and hire, develop, and retain their leaders for success. Founded by SVP of Development Brad Benson, Chief Psychologist and SVP of Research Suchi Pathak, and CEO William (Bill) Walsh, Aptology essentially helps leaders redefine how sales organizations can be successfully built and scale.

This is becoming especially important as sales executives are facing increasing pressure to reliably and consistently deliver against their revenue commitments. Only 50% of sales reps achieve their quote and turnover is at an all-time high.

The buying journey is also evolving and effective sales talent is difficult to find and retain. Plus evaluating candidates and employees is time-consuming and often not a multi-dimensional process.

“Modern sales teams are under pressure to meet quota, and have less time than ever to achieve them. Delivering reliable sales performance is all about fit first, having the right people in the right jobs. But the data and tools to simply and effectively measure and match a person to a job haven’t been available until today. By understanding which behaviors are driving success, Aptology helps customers hire, promote and develop the people and behaviors that will lead to sustainable and predictable success,” said Walsh in a statement.

What Aptology does is that it offers leaders a full 360-view into an individual’s fit for a given role and its proprietary PredictiveFit score is able to forecast with 80%+ accuracy about the likelihood that a current or potential sales team member will exceed their targets in a specific role.

Aptology’s PredictiveFit Solution is based on 20 years of performance and psychometric data with the latest in behavioral analytics and artificial intelligence for giving leaders actionable insights to evaluate fit while removing hidden biases and dramatically improve sales team performance.

“Organizational behavior research has been employed for decades by consulting firms. Aptology is now codifying and programmatically applying this intelligence to evaluate fit. Overworked sales leaders have spent too much time and money, yet they haven’t been able to achieve the desired outcome – it’s time to make it easier for them to find fit-for-role,” added Pathak.

Recently, Aptology announced that it raised $8.4 million in Series A funding led by Zetta Venture Partners. Handshake Ventures, Core Capital Partners and WestWave Capital also participated in this round.

“Aptology is using behavioral data and the latest in artificial intelligence to create a new class of organizational intelligence for sales leaders. Aptology is following the same pattern we saw with previous billion dollar valued, fast growing, enterprise businesses. Aptology is the single best way to build a star performing sales team, and we are excited to help support that mission,” explained Jocelyn Goldfein — a managing director at Zetta Venture Partners.