Atlas: 3D Generative AI Platform Company Closes $6 Million

By Dan Anderson • Nov 20, 2023

Atlas – a 3D generative AI platform that partners with game developers and brands to build virtual worlds and experiences in a fraction of the time – recently launched after two years in stealth. This announcement had followed the close of two funding rounds: a $4.5 million round led by 6th Man Ventures (6MV) and a $1.5 million round led by Collab+Currency. Other participants include the a16z Scouting Fund via Shrapnel, Contango, Gaingels, GFR Fund, New Renaissance Ventures, Square Enix, and Wagmi Ventures.

This new funding round will accelerate the expansion of Atlas’ suite of developer solutions – which allows current partners to rapidly scale asset development by up to two hundredfold while lowering production times by half and building a self-service 3D AI creator platform.

Atlas’ proprietary software was built in-house by a sophisticated team with over 50 years of combined AI, gaming, and design knowledge. And as they continue to build out new technologies, Atlas aims to create a tech stack that serves as a collaborative design partner by augmenting intuition and streamlining workflows for designers and creators.

The current partners include some of the biggest names in AAA studios, next-gen gaming, and immersive design, including Consortium9 and partners-turned-investors Shrapnel and Square Enix. And using custom-built 3D generative AI engines, partners can generate entire virtual worlds, creative assets, and designs consistent with existing IP and ready to be deployed anywhere.

The additional participants in the funding rounds include Flamingo DAO, Founders Inc., Landvault, Monaverse, Neon DAO, and Slope Fund. Atlas is supported by strategic advisors and angel investors Timmu Tõke (CEO & Co-Founder, Ready Player Me), Abel Mathew (Prev CEO & Co-Founder, Backtrace, Prev CTO Sauce Labs) and Geoff Renaud (CMO & Co-Founder, Invisible North).

Atlas’ technology was built per the Ethical Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence – which was prepared by the European Union’s High-Level Expert Group on AI, as part of a research grant. While Atlas is currently only available for enterprise and commercial use, alpha testing for a public platform will start in the coming months.


“We’re thrilled to partner with such innovative leaders who share our vision for the future of content creation. With our official launch and round close, Atlas will continue to develop our 3D AI using our unique, creator-first systemic approach so we can help more builders create the next evolution of gaming and virtual experiences.”

– Ben James, CEO, Atlas

“The online experience is rapidly evolving, and Atlas is at the forefront of the next generation of AI-supported development. Altas’ team and technology stand above the rest of the market and are revolutionizing the way virtual worlds are created and experienced. We’re excited to partner with them on their mission to build a boundless future.”

– Mike Dudas, Founder & General Partner, 6MV

“In recent years, the rising cost of game development has been challenging for the entire game industry, and gen AI is expected to help streamline the process in new and exciting ways. We are excited about Atlas’ unique technology and look forward to seeing how it might unlock efficiencies in our business.”

– Hideaki Uehara, General Manager of Investment & Business Development Department, Square Enix Holdings

“In the deluge of companies claiming to be able to save game developers time, Atlas is the first one to actually accomplish the feat, and the timing couldn’t be better. On our platform NOR, we destroy our entire game every few months, rebuilding the entire city with thousands of buildings in a unique and new architectural style. The very idea is absurd and impossible – at least it was. Thanks to Atlas’ pipeline, the absurd is not only plausible, but without compromise.”

– Brooks Brown, Founder & CEO, Consortium9