Chalk: Machine Learning Data Platform Closes $10 Million In Funding

By Annie Baker • Dec 20, 2023

Chalk – a data platform for machine learning – recently announced that it has raised $10 million in seed funding led by General Catalyst, Unusual Ventures, and Xfund. And Chalk’s computation layer and LLM toolchain enable world-class teams to orchestrate data for real-time decisions. The funding will be used to accelerate development of Chalk’s platform, reach new customers, and grow its engineering and go-to-market teams.

Chalk’s data platform offers critical building blocks for real-time machine learning–a compute engine, an LLM toolchain, a feature store, integrated monitoring, and branches for data science experimentation. Incumbent technologies like Apache Spark and Databricks Runtime were designed for large, long-running jobs, not live traffic. But fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, insurance, and other mission critical applications require real-time decisions that incorporate fresh data.

Existing tools are challenging as data teams are forced to pull pre-computed warehouse data into production which leads to stale answers and split pipelines between training and inference. And by contrast, Chalk enables developers to dynamically fetch data from APIs, microservices, and transactional databases. Already, Chalk is trusted by teams like Melio, Mission Lane, Pipe, Ramp, Vital, Whatnot, and others to support their most critical decisions.

The company co-founders Andrew Moreland and Elliot Marx met at Stanford and have been working together ever since. And after Stanford, Moreland went to Palantir and Marx worked at Affirm where he built the early data platform to support their buy-now-pay-later decisions. Then they started Haven Money which Credit Karma acquired to power its banking products. At Credit Karma, they ended up building the same type of machine learning platform yet again.


“Chalk has become a critical component of our Risk Intelligence Platform. It expanded Ramp’s capabilities with online machine learning and enabled us to scale safely by powering our transaction fraud model and credit underwriting process.”

  • Ryan Delgado who leads Ramp’s Data Platform

 “Emergency room decisions can mean life or death for patients. Chalk powers these most critical predictions for us. We evaluated a wide range of technical solutions and Chalk stood out for having the very best developer experience at the most competitive cost.”

  • Te Riu Warren, Vital CTO

“We deeply understand the pain points and workflows that make machine learning challenging, and we’ve applied those lessons here at Chalk,” said Marx. Moreland continued, “Existing tools in this space have painful and cumbersome developer experiences. Instead of relying on dated technologies like Spark, we built Chalk from the ground up to provide a seamless experience our users love.”

  • Chalk co-founder Elliot Marx

“We’re lucky to have the backing of many long-term partners here at Chalk. At my last company, Eric Schmidt led our Series A and General Catalyst led our Series B–they both joined us here as investors. At Andy and Elliot’s last company, Unusual Ventures led their Seed and joined us again here. Their expertise was essential to us in the past and has been invaluable at Chalk.”

  • Marc Freed-Finnegan, Chalk’s Co-Founder + CEO, who helped launch the first version of Google Wallet and started Index which Stripe acquired as its in-store payment solution– it’s now called Stripe Terminal.

“Backing Chalk was an easy decision for us. The opportunity to build a modern data platform that can be applied to many different industries is enormous and we see the benefits of backing experienced founders–especially ones we’ve backed before. We share a common vision to reshape the landscape of machine learning and data science, and believe Chalk’s team is well-equipped to achieve this. General Catalyst looks forward to supporting the team as they continue to grow.”

  • Max Rimpel, Partner at General Catalyst