Clarivate Buys Majority Of MotionHall Assets

By Amit Chowdhry • Mar 24, 2024

Transformative intelligence company Clarivate announced an agreement to buy a substantial majority of the assets of MotionHall, an AI-based company serving the life sciences industry.

The acquisition is a major component of Clarivate Life Sciences & Healthcare’s strategy to deliver transformative intelligence by applying generative AI (GenAI) and proprietary industry vertical AI solutions. Clarivate offers people and organizations transformative intelligence they can trust, propelling human ingenuity into our world’s greatest breakthroughs.

The deal for MotionHall’s full intellectual property, clients, and team enables the acceleration of multiple roadmaps, such as targeted enhancements to Clarivate Cortellis, market assessments, and a new Business Development & Licensing Enterprise Workbench.

In the near term, Clarivate will utilize MotionHall IP to further enhance Cortellis search and the scope of data quality and coverage.


“As part of our strategy, Clarivate will enhance existing products and introduce novel solutions utilizing AI, to streamline clients’ workflows and accelerate speed to insight and action. Concurrent with this transaction, the team from MotionHall has joined Clarivate to progress our on-going commitment to provide exceptional value for our clients across the entire drug, device and medical technology lifecycle.”  

– Henry Levy, President, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Clarivate

“Clarivate is well positioned to become a leading industry vertical artificial intelligence (AI) player. Your healthier tomorrow is being built through the successful combination of deep life sciences industry expertise and mastery of frontier AI capabilities. Clients who choose Clarivate as we advance industry vertical AI together, will have access to this frontier, becoming better equipped to deliver outcomes for their company and patients that meet today’s complex challenges.”  

– Rachael Craig, SVP and Managing Director, Life Sciences & Healthcare Strategy Products at Clarivate