Cloud Security Orchestration And Remediation Company Opus Raises $10 Million

By Annie Baker ● Sep 21, 2022
  • Opus Security announced it raised $10 million in funding. These are the details.

Opus Security announced it raised $10 million in funding. 

Funding amount: $10 million

Funding round: Seed

Investors: Led by YL Ventures with participation from Tiger Global and renowned security executives and serial entrepreneurs, including George Kurtz, co-founder, CEO and President of CrowdStrike; Udi Mokady, co-founder, Chairman and CEO of CyberArk; Dan Plastina, former Head of AWS Security Services; Oliver Friedrichs, co-founder and former CEO of Phantom Cyber, acquired by Splunk; and Alon Cohen, co-founder and former CTO of Siemplify (acquired by Google Cloud), among others.

Founders: Meny Har (CEO) and Or Gabay (CTO)

What Opus does: Opus – a holistic solution for managing and orchestrating cloud security response and remediation processes – works with customers that have an acute need for a new security orchestration platform that can empower cloud security teams to reap the value of automation, gain control and lead remediation efforts across the entire organizational cloud environment using best practices and proven methodologies that can be implemented instantly, cutting down the time from detection to mitigation and conserving valuable resources.

Opus has built a singular, overarching platform that connects existing cloud and security tools and relevant stakeholders, and orchestrates the entire response and remediation process across all organizational environments based on tried-and-tested, easily deployed guidelines and playbooks. Utilizing automation to the highest degree, Opus knows when sensitive issues demand human involvement and allows automation to resolve the rest. And with instant visibility and mapping of remediation metrics, Opus removes blind spots and provides security and business executives with immediate and tangible insights into the state of their risk.


“Organizations should not have to prioritize security over business continuity, and already strained SecOps teams are ill-equipped to handle the nuanced decisions demanded of them. Opus’ founders have built a platform that cloud-native security leadership demands — maximizing cloud security automation while retaining and enhancing business benefits.”

— Dan Plastina, former Head of Security Services at AWS

“When it comes to cloud response and remediation, we’re still stuck with ad-hoc techniques developed on the fly. There is a huge opportunity to bring context-aware standardization to cloud automation that appeals to SecOps and DevOps teams, with precise risk reduction metrics. Opus’ founders have the right skills and an extensive background in SOAR-like technologies to tackle this important space.”

— Srinath Kuruvadi, Head of Cloud Security at Netflix

“The proliferation of cloud-focused security solutions has dramatically raised organizational awareness to the scope of their risk surface. While visibility in the cloud has greatly improved, customers now express the need for a dedicated solution to address the drastically increasing number of alerts. I cannot imagine a better convergence of an expert team solving a market-wide problem that they understand intimately. Meny and Or have leveraged their unique experience at Siemplify to build the industry’s first cloud-native remediation orchestration and automation platform.”

— John Brennan, Senior Partner at YL Ventures

“The shift-left trend has necessitated a revised approach to remediation. Organizations need to bridge skill and resource gaps and create an orchestrated, automated alignment process across all teams. Traditional manual tasks and friction between teams result in heightened risk and jeopardize business continuity.”

— Gerhard Eschelbeck, former CISO at Google

“The massive transition to the cloud has created a need for a new and different type of security orchestration platform, one that minimizes organizational risk and excels at leveraging the countless automation opportunities in the cloud. The growing number of stakeholders that are now an inherent part of the security operations process should be connected and working together to reduce risk.”

— Meny Har, co-founder and CEO of Opus