Crypto-Focused Cloud Platform Company Datavault Raises $30.5 Million

By Annie Baker ● Mar 29, 2022
  • Datavault recently announced it raised $30.5 million in funding. These are the details.

Data Vault Holdings – a company leading the way in tokenomics and metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization – recently announced the closing of a Series A financing round of $30.5 million completed from strategic qualified investors as well as corporate partners and management with connections and backgrounds accretive to Datavault’s mission. The funding round represents the beginning of the company’s move into mass adoption and market penetration in key vertical markets.

The capital is going to provide the financial strength and strategic connectivity to drive forward consumer adoption of the patented platform and the company’s future growth. And the funding will further accelerate growth and enable the development of the Datavault platform’s comprehensive suite of tools for access worldwide.

The Series A round also closed as the international data market continues to surge. Currently, Datavault is in the unique position to leverage its one-of-a-kind technology against the backdrop of a fast-growing data market and help businesses to analyze and monetize proprietary data assets. And the closing of Series A funding will enable Data Vault Holdings to develop its business model. And Datavault aims to use its new capital to optimize its user base and platform and scale its product across varying markets.

The Datavault platform identifies and refines derivative data to construct business insights and monetizable data objects. And Datavault provides users the option to buy, sell, and trade data objects for additional revenues, through their blockchain-powered Information Data Exchange. Plus users can also trade data objects and real objects minted into one-of-a-kind digital items, referred to as NFTs (or non-fungible tokens), to be sold on the Datavault powered exchange.


“Datavault’s mission is to create monetizable value from our customers’ data assets. We began our company with charitable intent–to provide a dynamic, platform for the donation of data to non-profit organizations. As our technology and company have grown, we continue this mission of using our crypto technology to facilitate data exchange between companies. We aim to give companies the tools to extract the full intelligence and monetary capabilities within their data objects, optimizing their value within the metaverse,” added Joseph Battiato, Chief Financial Officer.

– Alfred Blair Blaike III, the co-founder and Chairman of Data Vault Holdings