Data Axle: How This Business Intelligence Company Is Disrupting A $40 Billion Market

By Amit Chowdhry • Aug 18, 2023

Data Axle is a rapidly growing business intelligence company that helps clients create a foundation of clean data, find new leads, develop winning strategies, design beautiful campaigns, and handle all day-to-day execution needs. Pulse 2.0 interviewed Data Axle CEO and chairman Mike Iaccarino to learn more.

Background Of Mike Iaccarino

Mike Iaccarino

Over the past 25 years, Iaccarino has been a leader in the data and direct marketing space. Iaccarino said:

“I thrive on transforming businesses and have had the privilege of working in various leadership roles to equip companies with the tools they need to reach their full potential. As CEO and Chairman of Data Axle, my expertise is directed towards overseeing the fulfillment of our mission to help all companies exceed their goals by leveraging powerful data and our award-winning Axle Agency. I am grateful and proud to work alongside a talented team that shares the same vision.”

Formation Of Data Axle

How did the idea for Data Axle come together? Iaccarino shared:

“Data Axle was founded in 1972 with the goal of helping companies of all sizes use data innovatively to improve their products, grow their businesses and expand their capabilities. Our founders recognized a need for comprehensive, accurate, and complete data and a vision for how such knowledge could drive company insights and performance. From humble beginnings compiling lists from Yellow Page directories in a garage to working with 20 percent of Fortune 500 companies, we continue to grow and evolve, bringing this vision to life with our innovative technology and service offerings. Today, we are a recognized industry leader with over 50 years of experience empowering our clients with expert support, outstanding operational performance, and an overarching strategic focus.”

Favorite Memory

What has been your favorite memory working for Data Axle so far? Iaccarino reflected:

“There have been several memorable moments during my time with Data Axle.”

“One that makes me proud, which has had one of the most significant impacts from a business and human perspective, is when Data Axle went fully remote. While the circumstances of the pandemic that inspired this change were less than desirable, the result has been something that has been nothing short of positive.”

“We had to ensure uninterrupted client service, but we also needed to provide a safe working environment for our employees. I decided to transform Data Axle into a 100 percent virtual, ‘work from anywhere’ workplace to meet the needs of a modern workforce, and three years in, we haven’t looked back. I see more and more companies requiring employees to return to work either full-time or hybrid. However, we are maintaining our virtual workplace and have no intention of returning – which I am proud of. We’ve experienced great success in this remote environment, and I have found that our staff appreciates the flexibility and autonomy. To those who ask if productivity has suffered in the wake of this change, I maintain that people are just as productive, creative, and engaged in a remote environment.”

“Having the vision to modernize our data delivery through development and acquisitions and foreseeing that building connections between business and consumer profiles would be necessary in the future is also a favorite memory.”

“Winning awards for our clients and getting the recognition they deserve is always something that I look fondly upon. From enterprise to nonprofit clients, we are helping to propel their businesses or organizations forward, and that is a good feeling and one that I’m constantly reminded of when I see their successes.”

Challenges Faced

What are some of the challenges Iaccarino faced in building the company, and has the current macroeconomic climate affected the company? Iaccarino acknowledged:

“As Data Axle continues to grow, we will look for ways to manage and expand our bandwidth to serve our client base while advancing our technology. From where we started to where we are now, 50 years later, we have seen many changes that require us to be nimble as we learn about, create, and embrace new ways of business. Of course, one of the most recent is artificial intelligence. We want to leverage it responsibly and combine it with the human intelligence we gain through direct contacts we make with businesses, something we feel is essential and will never abandon.”

Core Products

What are Data Axle’s core products and features? Iaccarino explained:

“Data Axle is a leading provider of data and real-time business intelligence solutions for enterprise, small business, nonprofit and political organizations. Our solutions enable clients to acquire and retain customers and enhance their user experiences through proprietary business and consumer data, artificial intelligence/machine learning models, innovative software applications and expert professional services.”

“We provide full-service data and marketing solutions, including some of the most accurate and comprehensive business and consumer data on the market. On top of our data, we offer a range of services, including data processing, database management, and lead generation. These services enable our clients to discover new prospects, develop winning strategies, and make informed business decisions.”

“Some of our core offerings include:

1.) Data: Our data solutions are known for their depth, quality, and accuracy. As an original consumer and business information compiler, we have developed a sophisticated data sourcing, compilation, and aggregation process based on our intimate knowledge of raw sources and decades of experience.

2.) Services:

a.) Axle Agency: The Axle Agency provides services from strategy to creative, campaign production, and data science services. Our nimble team focuses on performance above all else, providing our clients with numerous options of channels and methods of activation.

b.) Data Processing: We process trillions of consumer and business records annually to reduce waste, expand addressable audiences, and prepare data for activation.

c.) Data Management: Our solutions create a clean data foundation with customizable identity resolution to power sales, marketing, and analytic initiatives.

d.) Lead Generation: Our services help marketers acquire B2B and B2C customers through complete end-to-end lead generation programs.

e.) Acquisition Email: Our services identify, target, and reach desired prospects through email while fully managing compliance and performance of this highly effective channel.

3.) Applications:

a.) APIs & Apps: The Data Axle platform enables the integration of Data Axle data into existing technology and allows for the suppression of existing data to save money and quickly identify new prospects and insights.

b.) Inboxable: We enable clients to measure inboxing rates in real-time at over 100 ISPs worldwide. Users can view their emails render across 90 different desktop, mobile, and web clients and quickly detect any blocklisting of their domains to ensure they stay ahead of any deliverability issues.

c.) Data Axle Genie: Used by tens of thousands of subscribers, Genie allows sales teams to find, acquire, and retain customers. Built-in tools help you reach them via email, phone, direct mail, or online and assist you in tracking your campaigns so you can determine what works.

Evolution Of Data Axle’s Technology

How has Data Axle’s technology evolved since launching? Iaccarino noted:

“We’ve come a long way in the last 50 years, and today, we are proud to use the most advanced techniques available to collect, manage and activate data.”

“During our evolution, we have acquired some of the most prominent technology, data compilation, and media services companies, and we have also built many products and services and grown our team of technology experts.”

“While we are proud of the technological advancements we have made, we still consider humans to be the heart of our business. It surprises many people that we still make over 25 million calls to businesses yearly, which we use with automation and AI to further power data insights. This process allows us to improve the data accuracy of signals from 60-70% to over 99% in production.”

Significant Milestones

What have been some of Data Axle’s most significant milestones? Iaccarino cited:

“We have made smart acquisitions throughout the years that have helped cement our position as a leading data provider with a reputation for supplying the industry’s highest quality and reliable data. These acquisitions have further allowed Data Axle to broaden its data coverage and provide more comprehensive solutions to our clients.”

“Additionally, we have and continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies to improve data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities to offer more valuable insights to our customers.”

Customer Success Stories

Upon asking Iaccarino about customer success stories, he commented:

“Data Axle has supported countless customers in achieving their unique goals. Whether we’re helping organizations like Save the Children to optimize omnichannel acquisition or helping Marriott message their loyalty members, we have many success stories that speak to our ability to take complex issues and simplify them with strategic use of data, creative, and a well-executed approach.”


After asking Iaccarino about funding and revenue, he revealed:

“Data Axle is a privately owned company. We generate revenues across three go-to-market business units: Enterprise, Local Marketing Services, and Non-Profit Solutions the sale of data, technology solutions, marketing services, and subscription revenues to our SaaS applications.”

Total Addressable Market

What total addressable market (TAM) size is Data Axle pursuing? Iaccarino assessed:

“Forrester estimates our total addressable market as over $40 billion, including data solutions and marketing services for enterprise clients, small businesses, and non-profit companies.”

Differentiation From The Competition

What differentiates Data Axle from its competition? Iaccarino affirmed:

“Our longevity differentiates us, our data, and how we have incorporated marketing services while remaining nimble and operating across channels and technology.”

“In B2B, we provide the most data for small to medium-sized businesses, a challenging segment considering how many companies open and close each year.”

“We provide a linkage of business contacts and consumer profiles that is unique in the industry and increasingly important with the new remote work culture.”

“We are also known for our service and feel that in a world that is increasingly reliant on technology, our people really make a difference in helping our clients be successful.”

Future Company Goals

What are some of Data Axle’s future company goals? Iaccarino concluded:

“Data Axle looks towards the future with optimism and excitement as we continue to make driving business performance and success for our clients one of our main priorities. We seek to maintain our leadership in data coverage and accuracy and serve as a trusted and reliable partner. As we grow into more industry verticals, our dedication to providing tailored solutions will be at the heart of what we do and our services. We are also looking to integrate generative AI and other new technologies that will help our clients succeed.”