Ducky: AI-Based Support Platform Company Raises $2.7 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Jun 6, 2024

Ducky, an AI-based support platform that unlocks customer support agents’ problem-solving superpowers, announced it raised $2.7 million in pre-seed funding, led by Penny Jar Capital. Bread & Butter Ventures, NOMO Ventures, Wilson Sonsini, angel investors, and others participated.

Ducky utilizes machine learning and AI to make internal knowledge sources instantly accessible for customer-facing teams by automatically delivering relevant information and an on-brand customer response. And by increasing productivity, customer-focused teams have more time to problem-solve the most challenging cases with care. Ducky’s initial clients include customer-focused companies like Superhuman and others.

By combining open-source and proprietary technology, Ducky’s AI-based support platform learns from internal knowledge tools such as Slack, Notion, and JIRA, to help support agents respond to tickets faster and find the correct information in seconds.

Ducky automatically creates a customer response based on a brand’s tone, ensuring personalized, consistent communication for every interaction. With its Chrome extension, Ducky works alongside any support ticketing platform, including Help Scout, Zendesk, Hubspot, Gorgias, and more.


“There is a rush to use AI to deflect customers and prevent human interaction – we believe AI is more powerful when supporting humans, not replacing them. By removing the blocker of finding the right information and handling repetitive questions, agents can focus on the aspects of their work that create impactful, lasting customer relationships.”

  • James O’Brien, co-founder and COO of Ducky

“The information support agents need to do their jobs is buried in a myriad of distinct places, and the effort to search and discover is an emotionally draining, time-sucking experience – not an ideal environment for the team who is a gateway to your customers. We believe the best way to create an incredible experience for customers is to put AI and machine learning to work for – and learn from – the incredible support agents on the frontlines.”

  • Hongbo Tian, co-founder and CEO, Ducky

“Knowledge workers spend about one day a week searching for data – this is disastrous when the customer experience hangs in the balance. The Ducky team is solving this data problem with machine learning and AI, freeing up time for support teams to create personalized customer experiences with lasting impact.”

  • Rich Scudellari, co-founder of Penny Jar Capital

“This is an insanely talented team – Hongbo’s mastery of AI and machine learning, combined with James’ proven track record in business development and scaling SaaS companies, makes them a powerhouse. We’re proud to back the Ducky team in building next-generation tech for customer support.”

  • Mary Grove, Managing Partner, Bread and Butter Ventures