Esports Infrastructure Company ReKTGlobal Raises $10.8 Million

By Dan Anderson ● January 22, 2019

ReKTGlobal, an esports infrastructure company, has raised $10.8 million in Series A funding led by entrepreneur Nick Gross — who is going to be joining the company’s board.

Some of the additional investors who participated in this round include Rogue co-owner Steve Aoki, band members of the rock group Imagine Dragons, music manager Mac Reynolds, Live Nation, Maverick Management partner Larry Rudolph, 1916 Management founder Jonny Gordon, and Ozone Entertainment founder Bret Disend. Plus a number of other additional investors in the entertainment, media, and sports industries also participated.


With this funding round, it will enable ReKTGlobal to build on its Rogue platform. Rogue will be expanding internationally. And ReKTGlobal will be using the funding to fund Rogue’s franchise participation in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC).

“Nick Gross and the investors selected for this round bring incredible expertise and connections in the entertainment world that will help fuel Rogue’s international growth as a pro gaming powerhouse with esports superstars, celebrity supporters and a rabid fan base,” said ReKTGlobal co-founder Amish Shah in a statement.

In December 2017, ReKTGlobal bought a majority ownership in Rogue. And Imagine Dragons and the band’s management became investors in the company this past summer. Two members became co-owners of Rogue in that process.


As Gross was an early investor in ReKTGlobal, his “Find Your Grind” organization co-founded the Junior Rogue program for awarding scholarships and brand-building opportunities to young Fortnite players. Rogue and “Find Your Grind” are planning to expand the program following this funding round.

“We’ve believed in the vision of ReKTGlobal’s co-founders Amish Shah and Dave Bialek from the beginning,” added Gross. “By partnering with ReKTGlobal, Find Your Grind was able to bring esports curriculum to high schools across the United States and award $450K in annual scholarships to students interested in exploring esports as a possible life path.”