eternalHealth Secures $10 Million To Deploy A New Health Plan To Be Approved In Massachusetts

By Annie Baker ● Jan 19, 2022
  • eternalHealth recently announced it raised $10 million in Series A funding. These are the details.

eternalHealth — the first new health plan to be approved in Massachusetts since 2013 — recently announced that it has raised another $10 million in Series A funding. This additional funding follows an initial $10 million in Seed and Pre-Series A investment by successful healthcare and tech entrepreneurs last summer.

Former Apple CEO John Sculley is involved in the Series A funding round and believes in the mission of eternalHealth, which is founded by Pooja Ika, the first woman at the age of 24 to launch a new Medicare Advantage Health Plan in the United States.

Ika said the Series A funding, which includes seed investors and additional successful technology and healthcare entrepreneurs, will be used to support the day-to-day operations, and help attract and retain membership while most of the capital will be used as risk-based capital to support the company’s membership growth.

eternalHealth believes that through their partnership with Red Sox legend David Ortiz — popularly known as “Big Papi” — Massachusetts residents will be able to connect David’s trustworthy and kind personality to eternalHealth’s commitment to offering high quality, affordable products while acting as a trustworthy and transparent partner to its members.

And through its technology-driven, innovative platform, eternalHealth is looking to substantially reduce its administrative & operating costs (SG&A) across the entire enterprise. Plus the cost savings will allow for more dollars to be allocated towards the total cost of care, while also passing down the savings to their members through its robust benefits to lead them in the healthy direction.

After eternalHealth reaches the critical membership threshold, it will implement value-based contracting with providers, through which they will collaborate with providers and help them manage the overall quality of care for their patients through platform-driven intelligence, improving the overall quality of life, and reduce healthcare costs. 


“Around two decades ago, I decided I wanted to disrupt the healthcare industry by collaborating with entrepreneurs who believed in their mission. I truly believe we have a healthcare Moonshot with eternalHealth and I am excited to see how we can better the space together. I believe in Pooja’s mission and with the help of her team, she has been able to accomplish so much in one year.”

— John Sculley

“At eternalHealth, we accomplished this historic goal within a year. The initial seed round helped us build a technology-powered infrastructure, optimize our operations, and hire a skilled team of 20 professionals. Now, that we are operationally sound, we are actively trying to grow and increase our membership base. The goal has always been to build a sustainable business model, that is committed to doing things the right way.”

“Navigating through the healthcare system can be complicated, and insurance companies are not always the best at helping beneficiaries navigate through it. eternalHealth is committed to empowering and educating our members so that they make informed decisions and take their care into their own hands. By educating our members, establishing collaborative relationships with the providers and health systems in our network, and using the latest technology and tools, we can deliver higher quality care at a lower cost to our members.”

“At eternalHealth, we believe we can really reduce healthcare costs by leveraging the right technology. That helps with member retention and satisfaction, which remains a key priority for eternalHealth. Just because it has not been done before, that does not mean it is impossible. eternalHealth strives to be a catalyst for change in a market that has seen little disruption.

— Pooja Ika