Gigs: $2.7 Million To Connect Companies To Job Seekers Looking For Hourly Neighborhood Work

By Noah Long ● May 17, 2023

Gigs – the job platform that connects companies to job seekers looking for hourly jobs in their neighborhood – recently announced the official launch of its employer portal to help retailers, food and beverage, logistics, and hospitality companies with their full-time and part-time hiring needs. The launch news comes jointly with the company announcing $2.7 million in a pre-seed funding round led by Slauson & Co with additional investment from Wonder Ventures and several angel investors. 

Gigs plans to use the funds to invest in product, engineering, marketing, and sales to further its goal of helping companies find qualified candidates and job seekers to find part-time or full-time work that matches their skills and interests. And Gigs is an innovative platform that simplifies the matching process for both employers and job seekers. 

This platform allows companies to source local job candidates that meet specific qualification criteria. And employers can showcase their brand on Gigs through photos and videos. For job seekers, Gigs organizes job listings by location, provides a pay range for every position, and makes job postings more engaging with dynamic visual components. And by providing a convenient and transparent way for employers to connect with local job seekers, Gigs makes it simpler to find the perfect fit for hourly job openings.

The United States is experiencing a persistent labor shortage which worsened following the COVID-19 pandemic (the Society for Human Resource Management). And 76.1 million workers aged 16 and older – representing more than half of all wage and salary workers – were paid at hourly rates in 2021. And with nearly 80 million roles going unfilled, Gigs provides employers with a platform that targets quality job seekers eliminating the need to overspend on job postings that yield unqualified candidates.

Before founding Gigs, Founder and CEO Allen Narcisse co-founded Ebyline, a platform that connected experienced content creators with publishers and brands. Ebyline was sold to Izea in 2015 and it is now listed on Nasdaq. As a veteran of the rideshare industry, Narcisse led Southern California operations at UberEATS as well as West Coast markets at Lyft. More recently, Narcisse was Chief Operating Officer of Workrise, a leading energy-focused labor marketplace that has raised more than $750 million in venture funding.


“We are thrilled to launch Gigs and offer a new solution to help connect companies and job seekers in their neighborhoods. By enhancing transparency in the job market, Gigs makes it easier and faster for companies and job seekers to find what works for them. We believe that Gigs will transform the way people find hourly jobs in their community.”

– Allen Narcisse, Founder and CEO of Gigs

“We’re excited to announce our investment into Gigs. Allen exemplifies all of the best founder traits. He’s a brilliant operator, and his experience shines through his execution. We’re impressed by the team he’s assembling, and their deep-rooted expertise in building leading marketplace businesses. Gigs’ dedication to creating a modern, refreshed experience for hourly workers and employers is unique and forward-thinking for this industry. We have no doubt they will make a lasting change for the jobs space.”

– Austin Clements, Managing Partner of Slauson & Co.