App Creation Tool Company Glitch (Formerly Known As Fog Creek Software) Unveils $30 Million Series A Round

By Amit Chowdhry ● July 11, 2019
  • Glitch — the company formerly known as Fog Creek Software — announced several milestones including a $30 million Series A funding round

Glitch (formerly known as Fog Creek Software) is an online community company that is simplifying the ability to build apps. Glitch users can upload projects and allow others to “remix” it.

Glitch CEO Anil Dash told TechCrunch that works similar to the collaboration features on Google Docs. “The biggest thing I see is the creative impulse for recreating the web never went away,” said Dash via TechCrunch. “There was a latent desire, so we didn’t need to do much.”

Originally, Glitch launched within Fog Creek Software as a product called Gomix. Fog Creek Software is also known for spinning out other products like Trello (acquired by Atlassian for $425 million) and Stack Overflow. Gomix was renamed to Glitch in March 2017. Since then, the community created over 2.6 million remixed apps, up from the 1 million app milestone just a year ago.

Glitch also unveiled it raised $30 million in Series A funding from Tiger Global (closed in November 2018). This is Glitch’s first institutional investment in the company’s 19-year history.

Glitch is free for users, but it charges companies that want to reach developers for help. Some of the companies that use Glitch include Slack and Google.

Dash also made a couple of other big announcements. On Twitter, Dash wrote that Glitch is now integrated with Code so that millions around the world can code together in real-time regardless of whether they are beginners or experts via browser or editor. And Dash also emphasized the diversity and inclusion efforts at the company: