How Orca Security Provides IT Security Teams Full Stack Cloud Visibility

By Dan Anderson ● June 15, 2019
  • Orca Security is an Israel-based company that provides organizations with seamless full-stack visibility into their complete cloud infrastructure footprint without complex and costly per asset integration
  • Recently Orca Security raised $6.5 million in seed funding led by YL Ventures

Orca Security, an Israel-based company founded by former Check Point execs Avi Shua and Gil Geron, announced recently that it raised $6.5 million in seed funding led by YL Ventures. What does Orca Security do? The company provides organizations with seamless full-stack visibility into their complete cloud infrastructure footprint without complex and costly per asset integration.

“It is an almost impossible task for CISOs to answer security questions about their organizations’ sprawling cloud deployments. Questions such as, ‘Which servers are vulnerable, misconfigured, unpatched, or even breached?’, ‘Do I have neglected servers no one’s maintained for months?’ and ‘Where is my sensitive data stored?’” said Orca Security CEO and co-founder Avi Shua. “But organizations shouldn’t be forced to choose between slowing down innovation and accepting unseen and unmanaged risks. We, as a security industry, can and should do better. With Orca, IT and security operations teams gain unprecedented visibility over their entire cloud footprint, allowing them to answer these and many other important questions and to be partners in innovation rather than putting the brakes on it.”

On average, organizations lack security visibility into 50% or more of their cloud infrastructure footprint according to Orca’s early customer engagements. Fortunately, Orca can close the gap completely by providing forensic level visibility inside of every virtual machine in order to expose issues such as vulnerabilities at the operating system and application level.

“Gaining visibility into the makeup and state of cloud environments is today’s biggest security challenge. Even with significant investment and expertise, apps, assets, and infrastructure in the cloud remain opaque; and scanners and agents just can’t scale technically or operationally in the cloud first world we are now in,” added former SAP Chief Security Officer Justin Somaini. “Solutions like Orca’s that offer comprehensive in-depth visibility with no integration headaches are exactly what’s needed to empower teams to secure and scale the high-velocity growth of cloud deployments.”

As organizations are deploying a rapidly growing cloud footprint for driving digital transformation, innovation, and competitive advantages, it has made life harder for IT security teams that are struggling with legacy tools for achieving the visibility they need to manage risk and secure the organization.

“When Avi and Gil introduced us to Orca’s unique approach and innovative solution, we knew it did something new and exceptional that traditional vulnerability managers and existing cloud security posture managers simply can’t; deliver true, deep and near instantaneous full stack visibility at a forensic level of detail,” explained YL Ventures managing partner Yoav Leitersdorf — who led the Orca funding round.

Orca’s Cloud Visibility Platform utilizes the company’s patent-pending SideScanning technology for delivering comprehensive and seamless visibility into the security posture of an organization’s complete cloud footprint in just minutes.

The Cloud Visibility Platform utilizes a single and simple integration into the cloud infrastructure layer for automatically assessing the security state of every discovered asset throughout the entire technology stack and it also encompasses the cloud control plane, operating system, applications, and business data.

Plus it delivers complete visibility into compromised resources, vulnerable software, and configuration issues. And it utilizes read-only access with no impact on performance or availability and allows IT security teams to do their job without the high costs and organizational friction involved in deploying agents and network scanners.

Orca’s Cloud Visibility Platform is currently in limited availability for qualified customers. And general availability will be in late 2019.