Enterprise Guest Engagement And Staff Management Platform INTELITY Raises $44 Million

By Dan Anderson ● February 6, 2019

INTELITY, an enterprise guest engagement and staff management platform company, has raised $44 million in funding from LLR Partners to bring cloud services to more hotels, which enables them to manage staff and help guests order room service via tablets or smartphones. With this investment, INTELITY is going to further its mission to provide customers with direct and advanced connections to their guests and support back-of-house operations and business intelligence.


After merging with KEYPR in 2018, INTELITY has become one of the most comprehensive and robust enterprise hospitality platforms available. According to VentureBeat, INTELITY was more iOS-based and Keypr was Google Android-based prior to the acquisition. And this investment will further position the company ahead of its competitors.



“While we focus on furthering our strong growth, we are fully committed to continuing to be the most advanced platform available in hospitality, with ongoing support enhancements and a solid integrations pipeline. We are thrilled to have LLR Partners’ support as we pursue further expansion in international markets, including throughout Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and Asia Pacific,” said CEO Robert Stevenson. “Leveraging the historical successes of both companies has brought us to this point and has given us both the springboard and the talented team to carry us through 2019 and beyond.”


INTELITY’s platform includes over 120 certified, discrete integrations, and technology partnerships — which reduces the friction hotel operators experience when setting up new technologies. Through a single platform, INTELITY provides management teams with the tools they need to track and manage all activity between guests and staff.

“Since inception, INTELITY has focused on one thing – improving the guest experience for travelers while offering hoteliers increased operational efficiencies and revenue generation opportunities. This investment allows our company the opportunity to further develop our technology and continue to expand our global presence while maintaining that same focus,” added president and COO David Adelson. “We look forward to our partnership with LLR Partners and are excited to have them onboard as we continue to grow.”


INTELITY’s product offering is utilized in nearly 200,000 rooms at more than 700 properties. Some of the company’s customers range from small properties in Rhode Island to giants like the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. INTELITY already has a number of giant hotel chains in the U.S. signed up and now the company is going to pursue international expansion throughout Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and Asia Pacific.

The company’s management team comprises of former executives from Facebook, Hewlett Packard, Hilton, the Westmont Hospitality Group, Hyatt, Caesars Entertainment, Fox Mobile, and Sony. And the company’s board and advisor include former senior management from Hilton, Starwood, Disney, and CHMWarnick.

“As the momentum of technology adoption in hospitality rapidly accelerates, INTELITY has established itself as a leader by offering the most extensive solution for meeting both guest and industry demands,” explained Dave Reuter of LLR Partners. “We’re excited to partner with the combined, impressive management team from INTELITY and KEYPR as they continue to expand this leadership position and capture the large and growing market opportunity.”