Intenseye: AI-Powered Workplace Safety Solutions Company Raises $64 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Feb 27, 2024

Intenseye – a leader in AI-powered workplace safety solutions – announced it raised $64 million in series B funding led by new investor Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation from existing investors Insight Partners,  Point Nine, and Air Street Capital. This latest funding round is the industry’s largest ever.

This funding round follows a historic year for Intenseye, marked by the proactive detection of tens of millions of workplace hazards and global growth and expansion across six continents. And Intenseye’s enterprise-ready computer vision AI platform provides 24/7 visibility into leading indicators, which are unsafe acts or conditions that precede work-related injuries or illnesses and that often go unnoticed via manual audits.

Having alerted customers to over 36 million such indicators last year, the solution is purpose-built to empower environmental, health, and safety (EHS) teams to drive changes that enhance efficiency, streamline compliance, and help prevent workplace incidents without compromising worker privacy.

With this latest funding round, Intenseye will expand its technology ecosystem to unlock even greater value in customers’ existing infrastructure, further incorporate large language models (LLMs) and mobile support to optimize dozens of use cases, and continue to invest in privacy innovations, including an upcoming Gen AI video anonymization feature that reaffirm its commitments to ethical AI and to fostering psychological safety for the workers it protects.

The International Labour Organization reports nearly 3 million people worldwide die from work-related accidents and diseases every year, and nearly 400 million worldwide suffer non-fatal work-related injuries each year. And an American Industrial Hygiene Association study confirms the worldwide direct and indirect financial costs of workplace incidents is an estimated nearly $3 trillion per year; annual losses in the U.S. alone due to unplanned downtime are estimated at $50 billion.

Intenseye is the only computer vision AI-powered workplace safety solution provider to embed a full suite of highly advanced and completely irreversible privacy measures into its products as standard. And unlike other vendor offerings, Intenseye’s solution guarantees the anonymity of the worker, stripping personally identifiable information from all video captured.

Intenseye also ramped up its NYC-based go-to-market executive team with key hires in 2023, including Tarra Gomory as head of customer success, Matt Marshall as VP of sales, Sean Snyder as head of partnerships, Steve Iannucci as head of finance, and Chelsea Haynesas head of marketing.


“The scope, scale, and costs of workplace incidents are escalating rapidly, underscoring the critical need for AI-driven solutions that help pinpoint and mitigate hazards while aligning to the highest standards of accuracy, privacy, and enterprise readiness. Intenseye isn’t just a ‘nice to have’— we’re proud to be at the forefront of a long-overdue transformation that is empowering EHS leaders to more effectively and efficiently protect their frontline teams. We’re honored that our customers and other Fortune 500 innovators rely on Intenseye to transform workplace safety across their facilities.”

“Our commitment to the ethical AI principle of privacy-by-design sets us apart, helping shield workers’ psychological safety while providing unparalleled protection for their physical safety.”

  • Sercan Esen, Intenseye CEO

“Intenseye is an exemplary AI-first company. The team seized on a real-world problem that costs businesses hundreds of billions of dollars but is hiding in plain sight. By building on top of existing but under-utilized camera investments, Intenseye adds 24/7 safety intelligence that drives measurable change in the service of workforces worldwide. We’re proud to have supported Sercan and his team from day one of their journey.”

  • Nathan Benaich, partner at Air Street Capital