iPhone XR Was The Best Selling iPhone During Q1 2019 In The U.S., Says Survey

By Dan Anderson ● April 26, 2019

It does not come as a surprise that the more affordable Apple iPhone XR was the best selling iPhone device for the first quarter of 2019, but it was confirmed by a recent survey. This was also the case in the fourth quarter of 2018.

One of the biggest reasons why the iPhone XR has higher sales is due to the specifications that make it comparable to the more expensive iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The more expensive iPhones have an OLED screen rather than an LCD and a dual camera, but the price is a few hundred more for those devices.

“iPhone XR continues to dominate US iPhone sales. It remains the best-selling individual model again this quarter, after launch early in the December 2018 quarter. In the US, the newest iPhone models sold about as well as the newest models a year ago, at about 60% of total sales. Based on these trends, we estimate an Average Selling Price of around $800, a decrease from the previous quarter,” wrote Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) partner and co-founder Josh Lowitz.

CIPR estimated that the iPhone XR hit 38% of U.S. iPhone sales putting it ahead of the iPhone XS and XS Max — which had a combined 21% during the quarter. This was based on a small survey of about 500 customers.

Back in January 2019, Apple CEO Tim Cook was interviewed by Mad Money’s Jim Cramer and he was asked whether the iPhone XR was a flop. In the interview, he said that the rumor was “bologna.” And then he said that the iPhone XR has been the most popular iPhone “every single day” since it started shipping.

The iPhone XR has a starting price of $749. And the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have a starting price of $999 and $1,099, respectively.

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