JumpCloud Buys SaaS Security Company Resmo

By Amit Chowdhry • Mar 21, 2024

JumpCloud announced it acquired Resmo, an asset management and SaaS security solution for modern and cloud-native IT and SecOps teams. This deal broadens JumpCloud’s open directory platform for discovering, managing, and controlling IT assets for secure and streamlined user provisioning, access request management, and utilization monitoring.

Resmo’s integration into the JumpCloud platform offers organizations an all-in-one solution to proactively meet emerging SaaS management, IT security, and asset management needs.

This deal accelerates JumpCloud’s goal to Make Work Happen by providing the only IT access control platform capable of complete visibility into the whole employee lifecycle across every asset. By supporting JumpCloud’s platform with Resmo’s technology, customers can use an open directory platform to centralize critical functions around security, assets, devices, access, and identity management.

JumpCloud is not disclosing the transaction terms, which have already closed. And all Resmo employees have been offered employment with JumpCloud.


“For IT teams, you can’t secure what you don’t know about. Identifying all of the applications and IT resources in your organization and eliminating Shadow IT is critical to delivering secure, frictionless access to all resources. Resmo and its leaders have actively established an early tech advantage, spearheading innovative solutions to address these issues head-on. The company’s founders have demonstrated a proven track record of success, both in satisfying customer needs and driving the company forward with cloud-based security solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern IT. Integrating Resmo’s technology and the expertise of its team will enhance and simplify work for our customers, enabling them to discover unmanaged SaaS applications and IT resources, enforce secure access, and improve overall visibility across an enterprise.” 

– Greg Keller, co-founder and chief technology officer, JumpCloud

“Everyone at Resmo is thrilled to join JumpCloud. More importantly, we are eager to alleviate the burden of disparate point solutions and SaaS app security for more customers and partners through an expanded JumpCloud platform.” 

– Serhat Can, co-founder and CEO, Resmo

“We know this is a top priority for JumpCloud customers and for the industry at large. Together, JumpCloud and Resmo offer unparalleled freedom for organizations to utilize cutting-edge technology for secure, frictionless access that works seamlessly with the IT and security tools of their choice.”

– Mustafa Akın, co-founder and chief technology officer, Resmo