Kayak Launches ‘Trip Builder’ Feature For Multi-City Travel

By Dan Anderson ● January 21, 2020
  • Leading travel search engine Kayak announced it is testing a feature for making multi-city trips easier to plan

Kayak — one of the leading travel search engines (over 6 billion queries across its platform every year) — announced it is testing a new product feature for making multi-city trips easier. The tool was designed for anyone traveling to more than one destination and it calculates the cheapest route between multiple cities for the biggest savings.

This is considered the first and only metasearch for supporting this product globally. And KAYAK is giving travelers more options to design a trip that best fits their needs and their budget. For example, travelers considering a trip from New York to London, with stops in Dublin, Rome, and Paris can easily price out the most cost-effective way to get from one city to the next, in one simple search.

“Building a travel itinerary that involves more than one destination can be challenging, time-consuming and costly,” said Giorgos Zacharia, CTO at KAYAK. “To help travelers visiting more than one city find the perfect route, KAYAK introduced multi-city search options back in 2005. Now, with the introduction of ‘Trip Builder,’ we will not only show you the perfect route but also the cheapest, so you can see more of the world for less.”


The feature is currently being powered by Kiwi.com — which is an online search engine that combines flights and ground transportation options.

How does the feature work? Go to Kayak.com and tap on the dropdown menu from “Roundtrip” to “Trip Builder.” And then browse other popular multi-city trips or start creating your own. Then choose the origin, what places you want to visit, and for how long you want to stay in each of those places.

“KAYAK is constantly looking to help travelers find the perfect flight by offering the best products for the best value. We are happy that we were able to provide this feature to match the growing demand from travelers,” added Zdenek Komenda, CBDO at Kiwi.com.