LLamasoft Signs Strategic Partnership With JD Logistics

By Dan Anderson ● August 15, 2019
  • Leading supply chain design and decision-making solutions company LLamasoft announced it signed a strategic agreement with JD Logistics (logistics arm of JD.com).

LLamasoft — a leading provider of enterprise supply chain design and decision-making solutions — announced a strategic agreement with JD Logistics (logistics arm of JD.com). JD.com is the largest retailer and logistics provider in China as it serves 300 million customers.

As part of the deal, JD Logistics will deliver LLamasoft’s solutions as part of its existing offerings which will include supply chain design optimization, planning, operations, and management. And the offering will be exclusive to select JD Logistics customers in China.

Plus LLamasoft will continue to support existing clients and is broadening its go-to-market coverage with a segmented model that includes this partnership with JD Logistics and continued investments in its own organization in China.

Due to the ongoing taxes and tariff considerations, shifting consumer expectations, and a growing desire for sustainability affecting every trade channel and the global supply chain, international trade is becoming much more complex. And LLamasoft’s software, data-driven insights, advanced algorithmic solvers, and demand forecasting combined with JD Logistics’ large network and expertise in providing supply chain and logistics services to businesses across a wide range of industries will help companies doing business in China better understand how external and internal forces will impact their supply chains and allow them to anticipate market shifts with accurate demand forecasting capabilities.

“China is one of the largest markets for supply chain solutions in the world, and with this strategic partnership with JD Logistics we are going to be able to accelerate our ability to create value for an expanded client base,” said LLamasoft CEO Razat Gaurav. “Clients will benefit from the combination of China’s largest B2C logistics network with LLamasoft’s preeminent supply chain design and analytics solutions to enable organizations to transform their supply chain operations.”

With this partnership, executives will have a solution to analyze the impact of potential actions before they commit their resources to a course of action: keeping their global supply chain running optimally and resilient to volatility.

“The strategic partnership with LLamasoft will provide clients and merchants with a one-stop supply chain optimization solution,” added Haifeng Yang — the Head of Value Supply Chain at JD Logistics.  “Leveraging our respective capabilities, as well as our over a decade of experience in operating an in-house nationwide logistics network in China, will further differentiate JD as a leader in providing and integrating advanced supply chain capabilities.”

following LLamasoft’s LLamaCon event in Shanghai on Friday, August 9 — which drew over 500 supply chain professionals from nearly 300 companies. And LLamaCon China 2019 offered thought leadership and industry best practices during sessions from LLamasoft clients including Callum Crawford (Asia Pacific Supply Chain Designer at AB-InBev), Yi Ding (Vice General Manager of Manufacturing Systems at Mindray Medical), and Toby Brzoznowski (co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at LLamasoft).

“It has been remarkable to see the tremendous growth of LLamaCon China over the last few years and it highlights the significant focus and investment being made in supply chain analytics and decisioning technology all around the world,” explained Brzoznowski.  “Throughout the event, it was exciting to hear how organizations are leveraging LLamasoft technology to navigate the challenges of rapidly changing market conditions and to drive tangible value in the form of cost savings, improved service, and reduced risk.”