Microsoft Xbox Project Scarlett News Roundup

By Amit Chowdhry ● June 12, 2019

This article features the latest Xbox Project Scarlett news, rumors, and release information as it comes in. Here is an overview of the latest Xbox Project Scarlett news:

When was Xbox Project Scarlett announced?

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Project Scarlett console at E3 on June 10, 2019. Here is an Xbox Project Scarlett trailer that Microsoft showed at the event:

What are the Xbox Project Scarlett specifications?

The Xbox Project Scarlett specifications include high-bandwidth GDDR6 RAM and a new generation of SSD (virtual RAM) — which will have more than 40 times performance increases over the current Xbox. This will substantially reduce the lag time as you move around in open worlds.

In terms of the performance, it will feature a custom-designed AMD processor that utilizes the latest Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture with Navi GPU technology.

There will be support for a 120 fps variable refresh rate and real-time hardware-accelerated ray-tracing. Plus it will support 8K resolution.

Will the Xbox Project Scarlett have an optical drive?

Yes.  Project Scarlett will have an optical drive and it will support physical media. This was confirmed by Xbox head Phil Spencer in an interview with

“Yeah (physical discs are part of our future),” said Spencer in the interview. “We know, because we see it, that more and more players are buying digital. We think the experience in certain instances, specifically if I am away from my console and everything is on my hard-drive with the entitlements are all there, there are some scenarios that are easy. But we know that people still have discs.

And the head of Microsoft Game Studios Matt Booty confirmed this news in an interview with Eurogamer.

“Scarlett will have an optical disc drive. I still have films at home on physical media — not many, but a few of my favorites,” explained Booty. “We know people have an attachment to buying games on disc, to building a collection.”

The original Xbox One S and Xbox One X both have a 4K Blu-ray drive built-in.

How does Project Scarlett handle backward compatibility?

Spencer said that Project Scarlett would be compatible across all generations. “Not just with the games, but the accessories,” Spencer noted.

So when you insert an old Xbox game disc in the console, you may have to verify it and download a version of it onto the console.

What games will be launching with Project Scarlett?

Microsoft said that the latest version of Halo called “Halo: Infinite” will be launching with the console. Here is a trailer of the game:

When will the Xbox Project Scarlett be available?

Microsoft said that “Project Scarlett” will be available during the 2020 holiday season. This likely means around November or December 2020.