Muzmatch: This Muslim Dating App Recently Raised Funding To Accelerate Growth

By Dan Anderson ● August 7, 2019
  • Leading Muslim dating app Muzmatch recently announced it raised $7 million and hit 1.5 million members

Muzmatch — a leading Muslim dating app with more than 1.5 million members — recently announced it closed its largest investment round yet. And it was led by two leading US investors. The $7 million Series A investment round was led by Luxor Capital — a multi-billion dollar US hedge fund along with startup accelerator Y Combinator.

In 2014, Muzmatch founder and CEO Shahzad Younas quit an investment banking job at Morgan Stanley and taught himself how to code. Then he invested all of his savings in starting up Muzmatch. Younas’ goal has been to build a high-quality mobile app to help Muslims around the world find their perfect marriage partner.

“Shahzad has clearly made something that people want. He is a resourceful founder who has been listening to his users and in the process has developed an invaluable service for the Muslim community, in a way that mainstream companies have failed to do,” said Y Combinator partner Tim Brady.

Since launching, Muzmatch has seen over 30,000 successes worldwide. And the app operates in 210 countries and is available in 14 different languages.

“We are highly impressed with Shahzad and the business he has built so rapidly over the last few years. I look forward to joining him on the exciting journey ahead,” explained Luxor Capital portfolio manager Jonathan Green.

Muzmatch has successfully managed to combine many of the strengths of mainstream dating apps while also respecting Islamic sensibilities when it comes to finding a partner. And Muzmatch achieves this with innovative features like complete privacy and anonymity as well as chaperone support.

“Muzmatch is more than just a conventional dating app, it is revolutionalizing how Muslims meet and marry. With 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, our goal is to unite the hearts and minds of this untapped demographic in their journey of finding a life partner,” added Younas. “This investment marks the next exciting chapter for muzmatch and will help us to further develop the app, allowing our members to communicate and connect in ways like never before. It’ll also allow us to vastly accelerate our international growth in key Muslim markets”.