MyKlovr And GradFin: Partnership To Help Students Pay For College

By Dan Anderson ● February 22, 2020
  • myKlovr has partnered with student loan solutions provider GradFin to help students get into college and pay for it

The cost of college tuition now averages about $36,000 and the average American household has an income of $46,800. This makes it harder for children to gain higher education opportunities. To address this issue, myKlovr partnered with student loan solutions provider GradFin.

Through the partnership, it presents individualized college loan options for myKlovr platform users. And MyKlovr’s AI-driven virtual college and career counseling platform delivers personalized recommendations to high school students, guiding students to their “best fit” university, and subsequent career.

And MyKlovr’s collaboration with GradFin furthers the company’s commitment to student success.

Plus MyKlovr is dedicated to helping high school students make sound decisions that further their future success and one of the most important decisions with the college process is the kind and amount of student debt families take on. With student loan debt approaching $1.4 trillion, myKlovr is pleased to help ease the financial burden families face after college graduation with GradFin’s thorough college financial advice.

Key Quotes:

“Paying for college is difficult for most American families; we are thrilled to render a complete financing and student loan solution for students and their families, a key component of a student’s future success. Partnering with GradFin provides our users with an additional platform benefit and the expertise of a top-notch student loan solution.”

– Gustavo G. Dolfino, Founder and CEO of myKlovr

“Our mission at GradFin is to continue to bring the best services to students and their families to help them pay for college more efficiently. By teaming up with myKlovr, we will add another element to the experience to ensure families are getting the best advice to plan for their children’s educational future.”

– GradFin President Brian Walters