Mytaverse: How This Company Is Embodying The Future Of The Virtual Enterprise

By Amit Chowdhry ● Apr 24, 2023

Mytaverse is a cloud-based metaverse platform that creates 3D immersive multiplayer true-to-life work environments. To learn more about the company, Pulse 2.0 interviewed CEO Kenneth Landau.

Kenneth Landau’s Background

Kenneth Landau is a serial entrepreneur and he started his career as a consultant with McKinsey before co-founding Mail Boxes Etc. Latin America. Shortly after that, Landau also co-founded Comerxia, a UPS-backed global turnkey backend software for online retailers – which was one of the first logistic technologies to have a backend integration with Plus Landau has also co-founded eBox Logistics, a Latin American e-commerce and logistics platform for US online retailers.

“As an entrepreneur from Venezuela, I am grateful to be a part of the tech community and create a new platform with my co-founder Jaime Lopez who is originally from Colombia. It is an incredible honor to see Jaime build a platform that encourages diversity of background as well as thought,” said Landau.

Idea Behind Mytaverse


Mytaverse is focused on building the metaverse for the enterprise and it is a cloud-based platform that allows 3D-immersive, multiplayer workplace environments. Founded in 2020, Landau and Lopez started the dream.

Essentially, Mytaverse takes a hardware-agnostic approach and enables users to enter the metaverse via any browser on any device, from mobile to desktop to VR goggles.

Challenges Faced Building The Company

When I asked Landau about the challenges faced in building the company, he replied that it is essential to “never, never, never give up.” Mytaverse was founded during the pandemic and the potential applications are only limited by your imagination.

“Clients have used Mytaverse’s platform for everything from private jet showrooms and exhibition halls to simulated sales environments and conference rooms. We had options: wind it down or pivot. However, we decided to double down. We realized that the world would need a very different way to interact after the pandemic – especially corporations,” Landau added.

Core Products And Features

Major companies use Mytaverse’s enterprise platform for virtual sales training, virtual product demonstrations, and more enterprise needs.

“Mytaverse embodies the future of the virtual enterprise, where companies increase engagement and efficiency by creating compelling experiences in the metaverse,” Landau explained. “We are building the premium business metaverse, not to replace physical interactions but rather to replace the cold and fatiguing digital interactions that we have all put up with for the past two years with something closer to the richness and connection of real human experience.”

Mytaverse has many use cases. And currently, many customers are using the platform for showrooms for complex sales (think: real estate, cars, and aviation) and for collaborative events, which could include HR onboarding and development.

Major Milestones

What were some of Mytaverse’s biggest milestones?

“The fact that we have achieved our mission is a major milestone as our goal at Mytaverse is to empower, engage and embolden the interactions between brands, their customers, and partners,” Landau replied. “We accomplish this by enabling our customers to deploy digital twins of their products in their own branded and photo-realistic, dynamic 3D setting. Mytaverse transcends borders and physical limitations by enabling anyone, anywhere, anytime to access the metaverse.”

Customer Success Story

When I asked Landau about customer success stories, he said they have been receiving attention for helping business travelers with their platform. And through the platform, Mytaverse can show off specific environments in a web-based world without requiring users to wear virtual reality or augmented reality gear.

Plus the idea is to make annoying jet lag, airport security screenings, and other hassles go away without requiring people to invest a lot in headsets or expensive computers.

“It’s one more example of a company creating its version of the metaverse to give people something else to do with the remote working conditions caused by the pandemic,” Landau noted.


Mytaverse raised a $7.6 million seed Round in February 2022 led by Blumberg Capital. And companies like PepsiCo, Dassault Corporation, Zaha Hadid Architects, Asian Sky group, and Tekni-plex have already experienced the power of Mytaverse to bring their teams, partners, and customers together. Mytaverse enables companies to experience face-to-face interactions anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Below is a video of the Pepsi digital event on Mytaverse:

For the $7.6 million round, Blumberg was joined by Baselayer Ventures, Correlation Ventures, Accelerator Ventures, and others. And a follow-on investment was made by Alberto Peisach. David Blumberg, founder and Managing Partner of Blumberg Capital has joined Mytaverse’s Board of Directors as did John Paul Milciunas from Baselayer Ventures.