Google Announces The Open Handset Alliance

By Amit Chowdhry ● Nov 5, 2007

Google officially announced today that all speculation of a GPhone (iPhone competitor) for the last few months is erroneous. Instead, Google started the Open Handset Alliance and developed an open platform for mobile devices called Android.

Other companies that have signed on board with the Open Handset Alliance is Ascender Corp., Esmertec, Marvell, Nuance, PacketVideo, SONiVOX, Sprint Nextel, and Wind River. Each member brings some sort of value to the table. For example, Sprint Nextel is an extremely valuable partnership since the company already has a wide mobile device compatibility and customer base and has been promoting its Application Developers Program since 2001.

The Android platform features an operating system, UI, and applications. Android was developed while working closely with manufacturers such as HTC, T-Mobile, Qualcomm, and Motorola. Android does not necessarily replace Google’s strategy for developing other mobile applications, but complements Google’s strategy.

In about a week, Google is also launching a Software Development Kit. Phone manufacturers are planning on shipping units packed with the Android operating system in late 2008.

More information can be found on the Official Google Blog.