Phase Four: Aerospace Company Raises $6.25 Million From Leonid Capital Partners

By Amit Chowdhry • Mar 14, 2024

Phase Four, a transformative aerospace company developing advanced propulsion systems for the next generation of space vehicles, has raised $6.25 million in funding from Leonid Capital Partners. Leonid is an investment firm focused on high-growth technology companies in the national security industry.

Phase Four plays an essential role in the future of space and national security. The company’s propulsion technologies have the potential to transform the government and commercial space industry, enabling faster and more efficient missions, opening up new orbital regimes, and expanding humanity’s impact beyond Earth.

LEONID’s credit solution is unique as it is directly tied to the value of Phase Four’s contracts with the U.S. government and it has the ability to expand as more contracts are signed. This approach provides Phase Four with the growth capital needed to pursue an increasing pipeline of government and commercial work.


“We are thrilled to partner with Phase Four as they develop groundbreaking propulsion systems that will shape the future of space exploration. Their focus on national security applications aligns perfectly with our investment thesis, and we are confident that their technology will have a transformative impact on the industry.”

  • James Parker from Leonid Capital Partners

“This partnership with LEONID is a significant milestone for Phase Four. Their flexible financing solution allows us to focus on what we do best – developing cutting-edge propulsion systems that will change the way we move in space and further bolster our Nation’s security. We are excited to have them join us on this journey.”

  • Steve Kiser, CEO of Phase Four and General Partner of Veteran Ventures Capital