Report: New iPhones May Gain Dual Bluetooth Audio Support

By Dan Anderson ● May 28, 2019
  • According to Mac Otakara’s sources, the next line of iPhones may have dual Bluetooth audio support
  • This means you would be able to output audio from your iPhone to two sources like two different Bluetooth speakers or two pairs of AirPods.

Rumor has it that the upcoming line of iPhones will have dual Bluetooth audio support. So this means you would be able to sync Bluetooth audio between multiple devices such as two pairs of AirPods or two pairs of Bluetooth speakers. This rumor was surfaced by MacRumors via Mac Otakara — which has reliable sources in Apple’s supply chain in Asia.

While you can already connect an iPhone to multiple Bluetooth devices like your Apple Watch and your car’s infotainment system at the same time, it does not support the ability to send Bluetooth audio to two different audio devices.

Samsung’s latest mobile devices already support this feature — which is known as Dual Audio. The Bluetooth 5.0 specification is required on devices for this feature to work.

Mac Otakara did not specify which versions of the upcoming iPhones would have this function though. It’s worth mentioning that the iPhone XS, iPhone X, and iPhone 8 all have Bluetooth 5.0 as one of its specifications. So Apple may be able to add dual audio support to those devices through an iOS software update in the future.

Apple is reportedly going to unveil three new iPhones in September 2019: a 5.8-inch OLED model, a 6.5-inch OLED model, and a 6.1-inch LCD model. And some of the rumored features that would come with these devices include larger battery capacities, a triple rear camera, and the ability for the devices to reverse charge each other.