Responsiv: $3 Million Closed To Build AI Assistant For In-House Legal

By Noah Long • Nov 20, 2023

Responsiv – an AI Assistant for in-house legal teams – recently announced it raised $3 million in seed funding led by Greylock with participation from OnDean, the family office of Andrew Sieja, the founder of Relativity, Permanent Capital Ventures, and Julius Genachowski. And Responsiv enables attorneys to utilize the power of AI to cut down on research time and get legal answers in minutes.

In-house attorneys confront questions spanning diverse products, jurisdictions, and subject matters daily. And if faced with an issue they need to understand quickly, in-house attorneys have two options: engage with costly outside counsel or use conventional legal research platforms – which often means hours of trawling through cases and legal treatises to find the right information. Even though generative AI has seen rapid adoption across professions, out-of-the-box foundation models do not provide the verifiability needed for the legal field.

The company founders, Nikita Solilov and Jordan Domash, have a rich history in developing AI-driven tools for legal professionals. They spent the past decade at Relativity, the leading eDiscovery platform, staying through the recent investment from Silver Lake, which valued the company at over $3 billion. They incubated Relativity’s Compliance Business unit, where Nikita was Head of Engineering and Jordan was General Manager, and scaled that business from ideation to 50 employees.

Responsiv helps attorneys use natural language to describe what they seek and get trusted answers backed by verifiable references. It aggregates relevant statutes, cases, regulatory guidance, and legal analysis and generates a comprehensive solution enriched with in-line references. Beyond this fact-finding, Responsiv develops clauses, templates, or policies that align with the output.

Using Responsiv, research time can be reduced from several hours to 90 seconds. And with multi-state surveys, some of the more time-intensive research projects can take weeks of work or cost $50k to $100k or more when going through outside counsel. Legal teams could save tens of thousands of dollars and several weeks by using Responsiv instead.


“We’re delivering on the promise of generative AI for legal teams, by solving the trust and verifiability gap. In-house attorneys don’t have time for traditional legal research. We started Responsiv to help these teams, who already have too much on their plate, find what they need.”

– Jordan Domash, CEO and Co-Founder of Responsiv

“We believe that Generative AI will transform how legal work is done, and research is a compelling wedge. While other startups have focused on legal professionals at firms, Responsiv is building a product for in-house legal teams and their unique workflows. Jordan and Nikita are thoughtful and strategic, with deep empathy for the problem and expertise in the space, which is just the kind of team we love to back at Greylock.”

– Mike Duboe, Partner at Greylock