Rockwood Invests In Energy Renewal Partners

By Amit Chowdhry • Jun 10, 2024

Rockwood Equity Partners announced that it has completed an investment in Austin-based Energy Renewal Partners (ERP), an energy consulting service provider that specializes in energy development and decommissioning projects across the US.

Launched in 2009 and led by industry veteran Trisha Elizondo, ERP offers a comprehensive range of predevelopment and construction consulting services for energy developers and operators. And these services include habitat assessments and wetland delineations for wind, solar, and battery projects; constraints and permitting analyses; due diligence; landowner support and community engagement; and prospecting and mapping.


“We are thrilled to partner with Trisha and ERP and eager to operationalize our Rockwood Growth System to help scale the business. Rockwood aligns with Trisha’s collaborative approach and growth mindset, and we’re looking forward to working closely with the ERP team to continue to grow the business via service expansion.”

  • Joe Merrill, Rockwood Managing Partner

“We believe ERP is strategically positioned in the energy market, benefiting from strong long-term tailwinds and playing a crucial role in energy sustainability. The company is at a significant inflection point, with numerous opportunities to scale meaningfully.”

  • Rockwood Principal Nils Holum

“I’m excited to partner with Rockwood to grow our talent, expand services and enter new markets. Our team looks forward to collaborating.”

  • Trisha Elizondo, who will continue as Chief Executive Officer of ERP and remains a significant shareholder