Samsung Makes Substantial Improvements To Bixby

By Dan Anderson ● August 11, 2018

Earlier this week at the Unpacked event in Brooklyn, New York, Samsung showcased some improvements to the Bixby digital assistant. For example, Bixby is able to hold a conversation better than before and it can continue your conversation as you ask follow-up questions.

So you can ask Bixby which date your favorite band is performing in town. And that can be followed up with questions about other cities that they are performing in without having to repeat the question all over again.

At the event, Samsung also showcased integration with Yelp, Uber, Fandango, Google Maps, Ticketmaster, and OpenTable, according to TechCrunch. Samsung said it would be easier to perform actions with these third party partners. Simply saying “buy a ticket” would lead to purchasing a ticket on Ticketmaster. And the Google Maps integration would facilitate driving directions and finding points of interest.

Another useful feature that was added to Bixby is that the digital assistant learns what your favorite foods are and it will recommend restaurants based on those foods when you ask for suggestions. Plus it can fill in the number of people in the party and set up the time when you make a reservation:

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