Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 May Have A 6.7-Inch Screen And Six Cameras

By Noah Long ● November 20, 2018

Samsung is expected to be launching the Galaxy Note 10 in August 2019. And when the Galaxy Note 10 launches, it is expected to have a 6.7-inch screen, six cameras, and 5G support according to The Wall Street Journal. Currently, the Galaxy Note 10 is codenamed “Beyond X.”

The six cameras are two front-facing and four rear cameras. It is unknown whether Samsung is going to use a notch for the front-facing cameras on the “Beyond X” model.

Korean news agency company The Bell also pointed out that the 6.7-inch display is expected to be a Super AMOLED with 4K resolution and HDR support. As a comparison, the Galaxy Note 9 has a 6.4-inch screen.

Based on the rumored specifications of the “Beyond X,” it sounds like Samsung is pushing the envelope when it comes to design and technology. Rather than making subtle hardware improvements, Samsung is going all out next year.

As this is the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy “S” line, Samsung is also expected to be releasing three different versions of its flagship smartphones as well. The three S10 models will have several different size options. For example, there will be a 5.8-inch option and a 6.4-inch option. And there may be an option in between that size.

Plus the S10 models will feature between three and five cameras on the front and back. Another rumor suggests that Samsung is going to add a reverse wireless charging feature so that the S10 models can charge up other Samsung devices.

Photo: Samsung / Samsung Galaxy Note9

Interestingly, The Wall Street Journal’s sources said that Samsung may announce the “Beyond X” and the three S10 models at an event in the middle of February. And the “Beyond X” model will hit the shelves when carriers have 5G ready to support it in the spring.

Earlier this month, Samsung unveiled a foldable device that can switch between a smartphone and a tablet. Samsung said that the foldable device will start being manufactured in “the coming months.”