Society Brands To Buy Vitality Now

By Amit Chowdhry • Jun 10, 2024

Society Brands (see Pulse 2.0 profile here), a consumer products company built for and by founders, partnered with the founders of Vitality Now for Society’s latest acquisition in the Direct-To-Consumer Health and Personal Care space, which will represent their fifth consecutive deal in this sector.

Vitality Now (a provider of mental performance and body restoration supplements) is at the forefront of the health and wellness industry. And the company’s growth can be attributed to its team led by Brian Bigelow, Robby Amaro and Adam Elkaim. Over 90% of Vitality Now’s business can be attributed to DTC sales. Its product offerings include supplements to support brain health and performance, improve sleep quality and next-day function, stimulate healthy stem cells in addition to sooth spray and Fungus Exodus, which supports healthy feet.

Through the deal, Society Brands boosted its brands within the health and personal care sector, with that space representing nearly 75% of Society Brands’ revenue. And Society plans to take Vitality Now to further heights, extending the reach to health-conscious consumers that would benefit from Vitality Now’s suite of products, expanding internationally, and introducing in-demand products.

Northbound Group served as a financial advisory to Vitality Now and this deal represents the third brand added to Society Brands’ roster this calendar year. Earlier this year, Society Brands acquired Clarifion and Cleanomic. Society Brands currently supports 12 brands.


“We are excited to partner with Brian, Robby and Adam, who are extremely talented entrepreneurs in their own right, to offer our expertise to continue to build and grow their incredible business. When I met the team, I knew it could be a strong partnership given our values aligned and they embraced the unique business model we have fostered at Society Brands.”

  • Michael Sirpilla, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Society Brands

“Vitality Now’s partnership with Society Brands is the perfect next step as we transition rapidly into new customer verticals. Their impressive and synergistic portfolio complements our brand, making the sky the limit.”

  • Brian Bigelow, Executive Chairman

“We have found the ideal timing to partner with a network of health-conscious brands like Society Brands. The alignment is remarkable, and their culture is a perfect fit.”

  • Adam Elkaim, COO

“Given the strong alignment among our leadership teams with Society Brands’ vision, we are excited to make our mark on the industry with our new partners. This partnership is not just a strategic move, it’s a leap towards a future where we can inspire and improve the lives of countless individuals together.”

  • Robby Amaro, CEO of Vitality Now