Data Analytics Acceleration Platform SQream Raises $39.4 Million

By Dan Anderson ● June 30, 2020
  • SQream — a provider of a data analytics acceleration platform that enables enterprises to gain insights from their massive data stores — announced that it has raised $39.4 million

SQream — a provider of a data analytics acceleration platform that enables enterprises to gain insights from their massive data stores — announced that it has raised $39.4 million in Series B+ funding. This round of funding was led by Mangrove Capital Partners and Schusterman Family Investments — who joined existing investors Hanaco Venture Capital, Sistema VC, World Trade Center Ventures, Blumberg Capital, Silvertech Ventures, and Alibaba Group.

This round of funding will be used to recruit top talent to accelerate advancements in the company’s technology and cloud innovation, and customer delivery platforms to better serve worldwide demand. Charlie Federman of Silvertech Ventures and Roy Saar of Mangrove Capital Partners is joining the company’s board of directors in connection with the funding round.

What does SQream do? SQream’s data acceleration platform enables the fastest available analysis of hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of raw data from Hadoop or other data warehouses and databases. And with SQream in their data pipeline, enterprises gain unrestricted access to their data and are free to focus on uncovering new business powering insights.

SQream also develops and markets SQream DB, which was designed to obtain unparalleled business intelligence from massive data stores. And global enterprises use SQream DB to analyze more data than ever before while achieving improved performance, reduced footprint, significant cost savings, and the ability to scale the amount of data they analyze to hundreds of terabytes and more. And SQream DB is available both on premise and in the cloud.

Key Quotes:

“From the very beginning, our vision has been to enable enterprises to analyze more of their data much faster, providing better, more accurate, and comprehensive business insights. We have made our vision a reality by continuously improving our product, and by investing in top developers who enjoy the challenge and motivation of deep tech product innovation.”

“The commitment we have received from both new and existing investors in this round, and from our customers, even during such a challenging period, is a strong validation of our vision and market potential. We look forward to working together to accelerate our expansion, and to further empower enterprises across the globe with timely and impactful business insights.”

– Ami Gal, CEO and co-founder of SQream

“I have watched with enthusiasm the product innovation and resulting customer enthusiasm that SQream has earned from large global customers. I am excited to be joining SQream’s board of directors at this critical time in its growth into the cloud, and believe that SQream will be a really important vendor for enterprises that need help getting timely critical insights from their data.”

– Charlie Federman, Partner at Silvertech Ventures

“Given the growth of data, which has been on a rocket-ship trajectory to zettabyte levels due to rapid digitalization, we are just scraping the surface of how companies will be generating value from their data. We are impressed by the quality and experience of the management team. We also share the conviction in SQream’s important role in driving business performance and providing a competitive edge. I could not be more excited about SQream’s potential for making a significant impact in the market.”

– Roy Saar, Partner at Mangrove Capital Partners