Customer Experience Optimization Company Squelch Raises $12 Million

By Amit Chowdhry ● April 9, 2019

Squelch, a Redwood City, California-based customer experience optimization company that empowers customer support, announced it has raised $12 million in funding from existing investors Shasta Ventures and Correlation Ventures. New investor Tenaya Capital also participated in this round.

With this funding round, it will help Squelch accelerate growth and marketing programs. And it will also bring the company’s innovative platform to a broader number of customer experience professionals.

Founded by Jayaram Bhat (CEO), Giorgina Gottlieb (VP of Marketing), Ilan Raab (VP of Engineering), Squelch has built a platform designed for taking customer satisfaction and retention to the next level for some of the fastest-growing companies in America. And Squelch is able to instantly serve up relevant intelligence to customer-facing agents at the precise moment of customer interaction.

“Since our launch last year, Squelch has empowered thousands of customer support and success agents — maximizing productivity, personalizing every interaction, and enhancing both customer and agent satisfaction,” said Squelch co-founder and CEO Jayaram Bhat in a statement. “We aim to reach more of these professionals so that they, too, can deliver an unmatched customer experience. We will do that by allocating the majority of this new investment to building our sales and marketing efforts. For many organizations today, customer experience (CX) is the foundation of their business strategy, and Squelch is critical to delivering on that strategy.”

As today’s customer experience professionals are surrounded by more data than before, most of the data is separated into silos — which makes it challenging and time-consuming to find and utilize it. Squelch’s software cuts through the noise to quickly deliver actionable intelligence in order to address questions and challenges. And it can be seamlessly connected with most SaaS-based applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Box, Confluence, Jira, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

Following the eleven months after Squelch’s company launch, a substantial number of leading enterprises have adopted the company’s software including Khoros (combined company of Spredfast and Lithium) along with Arxan Technologies, Thycotic, and Instana.

“We’re in the age of heightened customer expectations where companies must consistently deliver fast, effective responses to customers in need,” added Khoros’ VP Global Support Services Philippe Mesritz. “We built Khoros around this understanding. With the help of the Squelch platform, we’re able to best provide this experience in a scalable way.”

Shasta Ventures managing director Ravi Mohan said that the firm is “honored to back repeat entrepreneurs like Jayaram.” And he pointed out that the solutions that Squelch’s leadership team built leverages powerful machine learning and robust integrations in order to allow for better interactions between companies and customers.

And Tenaya Capital co-founder and partner Brian Melton said that Tenaya stands behind Squelch as it continues to bridge the gap in the customer experience architecture — which can positively impact all participants in the customer experience ecosystem.