Summus: Virtual Specialty Care Company Raises $19.5 Million

By Annie Baker ● Sep 19, 2023

Summus – a leading virtual health company focused in specialty care – recently announced that it raised $19.5 million to support the company’s continued growth and work to solve the access problem to high-quality physicians. Following a previous funding round in 2022, Summus has now raised $70 million to expand its innovative approach to care.

The company’s proprietary marketplace model enables patients, families, caregivers and physicians to share and access high-quality specialty expertise across all health questions at any point in the journey. 

By offering easier access to high-quality physicians, Summus delivers best-in-class clinical guidance, advocacy, and navigation. And Summus works with leading employers, health plans, physician groups, and medical institutions to provide solutions that improve access to quality care and outcomes.

In supporting over 2 million lives, 98% of Summus members report a better understanding of what to do in the next stage of their healthcare journey. 

The funding round will focus on further scaling growth for the organization, including meeting demand for Summus’ innovative solution to support primary care physicians in a peer-to-peer environment and enhancing condition-specific, personalized journeys for patients to access the best care with the most trusted physicians.


“Durable, category-defining companies naturally evolve and expand their aperture to serve more people over time. We are investing to meet the explosive demand for Summus solutions across the healthcare ecosystem.”

— Mitchell Rales, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Danaher Corporation.


“The value of accessing high-quality physicians in an expedient manner is vital — for peace of mind, optimizing treatment paths, and driving better outcomes. We continue our commitment to put high-quality physicians, the most trusted party in healthcare, at the center of decisions big and small.”

— Julian Flannery, Summus CEO and Co-founder

“We remain inspired by the Summus team and the value proposition they bring to the healthcare ecosystem. In providing access to thousands of the world’s most talented physicians to patients, families and physicians who need their expertise, we see Summus changing lives on a daily basis. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to continue to support Summus as they expand their capabilities to solve the critical issues of access to quality healthcare today. I am impressed by the continued innovation, commitment and expertise of the Summus team, and am thrilled to see their growth and recognition in the market for bringing new solutions to physicians and patients around the world.”

— Rick Buhrman, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Sator Grove Holdings

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