Superorganism Launches First VC Firm Focused On Global Biodiversity Crisis

By Amit Chowdhry • Sep 15, 2023

Superorganism recently announced its launch as the first VC firm focused on the global biodiversity crisis. Launched by a seasoned venture capitalist and a conservation technologist, Superorganism aims to support early-stage technology startups working to prevent biodiversity loss.

Superorganism’s goal is to back visionary startup founders who are determined to create a more abundant future for humans and nature. And in a world that has seen an astonishing 69% decline in wildlife populations since 1970, Superorganism supports entrepreneurs building ambitious businesses for combating the primary drivers of biodiversity loss: land and sea use change, overexploitation, invasive species, pollution, and climate change.

The firm backed tech-driven startups across categories including AI, fintech, forestry, fintech, and materials, and is actively expanding its portfolio. And it also invests in frontier technologies, enabling powerful new tools for conservationists such as advanced genomic techniques or next-generation remote sensing.

Other Superorganism investments include Funga, which is utilizing the soil microbiome of healthy forests to improve forestry outcomes and address the climate crisis, and AI startup Amini, which delivers insights for corporate customers by creating environmental data infrastructure for Africa.

The co-founders of Superorganism have a blend of expertise. Kevin Webb has more than a decade of experience in venture capital, with a track record that includes investments in billion-dollar companies like Ginkgo Bioworks, Turo, and Ironclad. Tom Quigley, a coral reef conservationist turned startup operator, brings a deep understanding of the intersection of technology and nature.

Superorganism pledged to allocate 10% of its profits to support ongoing conservation efforts. And this commitment underscores its support for closing the biodiversity financing gap of $711 billion per year and helps to bring new partners and stakeholders into the conversation around how tech can be used to protect nature.


“Because so many industries are linked to biodiversity loss, there are endless opportunities for startups to help incumbents transition, or to compete directly against them. Every day we meet founders using cutting-edge technologies to build nature-positive businesses, where their impacts grow with scale.”

– Kevin Webb, co-founder of the firm

“Hands down, Superorganism has been our most valuable investor. Superorganism’s network is completely unique, and they’ve supported us in so many ways.”

– Aarav Chavda, founder of INVERSA Leathers, an organization that utilizes invasive species like lionfish to produce luxury leather products –  which is disrupting the exotic leather market while funding invasives removal at scale