These Salesforce And Microsoft Vets Launched A New Startup Studio To Fund Enterprise Companies

By Amit Chowdhry • Oct 8, 2019
  • Startup studio company Super{set} recently announced that it raised $65 million to launch, fund, and build enterprise tech companies

Super{set} is a new startup studio company that builds and funds enterprise-ready companies. Super{set} founders Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya have seen $1.2 billion in exits and a 17.5X return for investors at their previous ventures — have proven expertise in launching companies 10x faster and 5x greater capital efficiency. Recently, super{set} announced it raised $65 million to launch, fund, and build data-driven enterprise tech companies.

Prior to launching super{set}, the founders worked at enterprise giants like Salesforce and Microsoft. And they have started the buildout of multiple category-winning companies using the super{set} Code — which is a system that delivers replicable results and opportunities for entrepreneurs and founding teams.

Super{set} accelerates and de-risks the trajectory of early-stage technology companies through its differentiated approach to people, product, customers, and revenue. And core to super{set} is its focus on higher returns, growth, and capital efficiency through a disciplined creation of data-driven, cloud-based applications, and infrastructure for enterprise technology companies.

“I know first-hand what it’s like to thrash in an early-stage venture. In the early days of my first company, I lit at least $10 million on fire, and I smell smoke in the industry today,” said Chavez. “It’s time for founders to leverage and expend their time and capital judiciously. Company-building is hard, even harder when you’re constantly reinventing the wheel. That’s why Vivek Vaidya, Jae Lim and I are opening up our playbook, which we call the super{set} Code, to help promising entrepreneurs and founding teams avoid missteps, optimize their ownership, and build lasting companies that benefit employees, customers, investors, and the communities we serve.”

The company also introduced the super{set} Code — which includes playbooks for business model design, go-to-market methods, revenue operations, product management, corporate culture, management best practices and principles, customer segmentation, frameworks for AI, data science, and machine learning along with shared support for legal, financial, and human resources.

“I’ve built a lot of software along the way, and many of the problems recur or at least rhyme with ones we’ve seen before,” added Vaidya. “We’re intentionally eliminating redundant technical work and cultivating a collaborative environment where great engineers get a chance to build enterprise-ready companies.”

The supporting fund known as super{set} Capital provides investment resources to explore and launch new seed-stage ventures and is led by three partners including Vaidya (Co-founder, General Partner and previously CTO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud), Chavez (Co-Founder, and General), Jae Lim (General Partner), and

Chavez and Vaidya previously founded Krux (acquired by Salesforce in November 2016). Before that, they sold Rapt to Microsoft in 2007.

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