Syntegra Raises $5.625 Million In Seed Financing

By Annie Baker ● Jan 12, 2022
  • Syntegra recently announced it raised $5.625 million in seed funding. These are the details.

Syntegra – a leader in synthetic healthcare data generation – recently announced it raised $5.625 million in seed funding.

Syntegra’s investors include Sweat Equity Ventures, Hike Ventures, Innovation Global Capital, Wisconn Valley Ventures, Village Global, Impact Venture Capital, GRIDS Capital, Berkeley Catalyst Fund, Launchpad Capital, Vastly Valuable Ventures, and First Spark Ventures.

This funding round will enable Syntegra to commercialize new and ongoing work with health systems, payers, life science, and digital health companies, advancing data-driven innovation with its synthetic data solutions. Plus it will also enable the growth of the Syntegra Medical Mind, the company’s ever-expanding, pre-trained model, which has now trained on over 10 million records and enables the creation of built-for-purpose synthetic datasets.

Over the past year, Syntegra has more than tripled its customer base and partnered with key leaders in healthcare, technology, and data privacy to explore the nearly endless possibilities for synthetic healthcare data in clinical research, analytics, and AI model development.


“Synthetic data has the potential to dramatically transform the way clinical information is shared and utilized by multiple researchers in healthcare. This funding provides Syntegra with the capital required to fulfill our mission of accelerating innovation by making data more easily available to researchers. The investors we have chosen all add strategic insights that multiply the value of the capital.”

— Michael D. Lesh, SM MD FACC, Syntegra Founder and CEO

“Synthetic data is at the forefront of innovation and change in healthcare. We’re excited to back the Syntegra team and their distinctive, AI-enabled approach to synthetic data generation, which holds tremendous potential to unlock the vast amounts of data held up in silos across the healthcare industry that can be used to accelerate research and analytics.”

— Guy Perelmuter, Founder, GRIDS Capital

“Syntegra is addressing a major challenge in healthcare today – bridging the gap between data access and data privacy to enable greater use of data that will bring more medical advances directly to patients. We’re thrilled to be working closely with Syntegra as they advance their vision of democratizing healthcare data through their groundbreaking approach to synthetic data generation.”

— Daniel Portillo, Founder and Managing Partner, Sweat Equity Ventures