Tektonic AI: $10 Million Secured To Develop Gen AI Agents For Enterprises

By Amit Chowdhry • Jun 10, 2024

Tektonic AI, a company building GenAI agents for enterprise processes, announced $10 million in funding led by Madrona and Point72 Ventures. Launched by Nic Surpatanu, Tektonic aims to automate the manual workflows that other methods leave unaddressed.

Surpatanu—who previously held leadership roles at Tanium, UiPath, and Microsoft—has seen both the power of automation and the frustrating tool fragmentation that leads to repetitive, inefficient work. With this funding, Sri Chandrasekar of Point72 Ventures joins Steve Singh of Madrona Ventures and Surpatanu on the company’s board.

Enterprise users currently operate in complex and dynamic environments with hundreds of applications. However, tasks remain manual and slow while requiring users to juggle multiple tools and rely on expert business teams.

These inefficiencies occur when applications cannot meet business requirements or adapt to dynamic needs. Surpatanu saw firsthand at UiPath that traditional automation handles only certain repetitive tasks and struggles with dynamic and complex ones. Tektonic believes GenAI agents will bridge this gap, enabling the automation of more dynamic and complex tasks while being grounded in each business’s specific needs.

Using Tektonic, information workers use natural language to work with GenAI agents that synthesize data and simplify actions across applications and systems. The agents adapt processes to business context and intent, apply business rules, and deliver controllable and accurate outputs. And Tektonic sees broad applicability for their agents and is initially focused on sales and revenue operations.

For sales and revenue teams, this means completing work and making decisions quicker and autonomously, with simplified enablement and less reliance on deal desks and other expert teams. Tektonic believes these GenAI agents can significantly increase customer response times and business opportunities. Tektonic is currently collaborating with design partner customers and will use this funding round to scale more quickly.


“Studies have found that sales reps spend up to 70% of their time in back-office work. This digital molasses impacts the entire business, dragging on both the top and bottom lines and reducing employee satisfaction. For instance, quotes or renewals that take days or weeks to be ready for clients can be devastating for sales. These processes are notoriously hard to automate, as they are quite dynamic and specific to the individual business. We firmly believe that by combining GenAI agents with process models and real-time data, we can reliably and securely automate even the most complex and dynamic processes.”

  • Nic Surpatanu, CEO and Co-Founder of Tektonic

“GenAI agents have the potential to be a powerful tool for businesses. However, today’s agents still struggle to automate the complex processes that could drive the most value. We were deeply impressed by Nic’s vision and the exceptional technical team he’s assembled. We’re excited to partner with Tektonic to build flexible AI automation that actually works at enterprise scale.”

  • Sri Chandrasekar, Managing Partner at Point72 Private Investments