TripleLift Surpasses $1 Billion Dollar In Lifetime Ad Spend

By Amit Chowdhry ● Nov 20, 2020
  • TripleLift — a rapidly growing ad tech company — announced that it exceeded $1 billion in lifetime advertising spend through its platform

TripleLift — a rapidly growing ad tech company — announced that it exceeded $1 billion in lifetime advertising spend through its platform. And half of the spend is attributed to the past 12-month period. More than 100,000 advertisers are currently buying programmatic ads through TripleLift — which has direct relationships with over 20,000 publishers.

Along with hitting the billion-dollar threshold, the company also recorded a historic performance period in Q3 2020. As of January 2020, TripleLift had recorded four consecutive years of annual ad spend growth greater than 70%. And the company is expecting to achieve that marker again this year.

Since it launched, TripleLift focused on the creation of new technologies and products that reinvented programmatic with a North Star of improving the ecosystem for everyone. And that guiding principal ensured long-run business decisions like new product pipelines, that have accelerated the growth of the company.

The pandemic has accelerated change in the ad industry. And the last decade has seen immense growth in two major areas: Platforms and Programmatic. Platforms consist of walled garden powerhouses such as Google and Facebook. And programmatic consists of automated solutions that enable buying and selling of ad inventory outside of those platforms, powering scale for the world’s largest advertisers and accepting spend from the long-tail.

TripleLift is continuing to be well-positioned because its products are built for the current demands of advertisers. And the company’s roadmap is tailored to the shifts underway in advertising, with offerings across video including the accelerating world of OTT.


“Our business was set up from the beginning so that ‘we only win when everyone wins.’ If consumers get better ad experiences, our advertisers see better performance. If advertisers see better performance, our publishers earn more revenue. It’s a flywheel where everyone has skin in the game, and it starts with our commitment to publishers. Our early products got us to where we are today. Our latest products, and those quickly emerging from our roadmap, are pathing us to future success.”

— TripleLift CEO Erick Berry

“TripleLift is a true innovator in the advertising industry that unites technology and creative in a programmatic environment. As AI becomes integral to the advertising ecosystem, we look forward to working with TripleLift to help the industry transform in a cookie-and-identifier free future.”

— Jeremy Hlavacek, Head of Revenue, IBM Watson Advertising