Vali Cyber: Linux Cybersecurity Solutions Provider Company Closes $15 Million

By Annie Baker ● Oct 5, 2023

Vali Cyber – a next-generation provider of Linux cybersecurity solutions – recently announced the successful completion of its seed funding round, raising $15 million. This funding round was co-led by Grotech Ventures and the 412 Venture Fund (412VF) and aided with strong support from Riverfront Ventures, Florida Funders, and additional strategic investors. This investment highlights the critical need to effectively address the specific security requirements of devices using the Linux operating system.

Representing 90% of server use for public clouds and over 80% of devices used in the United States’ national security infrastructure, Linux became a critical operating system over the last few years. But due in part to this rapid rise, there has been a lack of effective security solutions for Linux. Vali Cyber developed the ZeroLock security platform to specifically address the challenges of Linux-based environments with the goal of disrupting the Linux security market.

Co-leading the funding round is Grotech Ventures (located just outside of Washington, DC). And 412 Venture Fund co-led the round.

As Vali Cyber continues to expand its operations, the company is committed to advancing Linux cybersecurity and empowering businesses of all sizes with comprehensive and advanced cybersecurity technology. And with the backing of its investors, Vali Cyber will continue to stay at the forefront of Linux technological advancements, protecting against cyber threats and ensuring the security and integrity of their clients’ digital assets.


“Our team is excited to announce the closing of our seed round. This represents a significant milestone for Vali Cyber. The investment validates the ability of our team and our technology to disrupt the Linux security markets. It is the first step in our journey to make ZeroLock the trusted platform of choice for Linux systems, from the cloud to the edge. With the support of our investors and early adopter partners, we are well-positioned to drive this vision forward.”

— Anthony Gadient, CEO of Vali Cyber

“We’ve been buzzing about Vali Cyber’s ZeroLock platform since we first heard about it. It’s introducing truly disruptive technology and redefining what the market should expect from security for Linux. In fact, when you look at the analytical information on cybersecurity leaders, most of the testing has been on Windows platforms. But that isn’t an accurate reflection of the ocean we’re swimming in. The internet as we know it—from search engines to WordPress servers to public clouds—doesn’t exist without Linux. And with the internet being as centric to our way of living as electricity, we must reconsider how we protect Linux endpoints and understand the profound importance as to why. I think the market is beginning to see that, as you can see by the investor response to Vali Cyber—$15M invested with co-leads as reputable as Grotech and the 412VF is something that will make analysts and enterprise users both sit up and take notice.”

— Edward Amoroso, CEO and Founder of key analyst group TAG Cyber, LLC

“With a 75% increase in ransomware attacks alone on Linux systems in the first half of 20223, the general mindset around having effective security for Linux is quickly transitioning from ‘nice-to-have’ or ‘good-enough’ to ‘must-have.’ Companies are realizing that the vulnerability is real, and it isn’t even just the cost of an attack, or the amount of time to remediate it—both of which can be game-enders for SMBs. It’s about brand integrity. People are trusting companies with personal information more than ever, and companies need to be able to prove that information is adequately protected on the cloud. Platforms like ZeroLock will allow them to do that.”

— Steve Fredrick, Grotech General Partner

“We are excited to support such a dynamic father-son team that brings successful entrepreneurial experience with exceptional technical know-how of Linux vulnerabilities in a rapidly growing threat environment for Linux based servers and IOT devices. We believe the comprehensive, low power / high efficacy product suite will quickly become the go-to solution to protect the broad commercial and defense needs in this space and this product’s continuous evolution from their elite advisors will continue to solidify and separate Vali Cyber as the leader in the space. We have strong respect for the Grotech and 412 Venture Fund teams and are very excited to add in the strategic power of our extensive network to help scale Vali Cyber!”

— Florida Funders Partner Ryan Whittemore

“One of our goals at 412VF is to grow effective entrepreneurship. We see that potential in the team at Vali Cyber. Their leadership has a proven track record with multiple successful start-ups and acquisitions under their belts, and you can see similar levels of dedication, experience, and vision throughout the rest of the team. When you add a platform as groundbreaking as ZeroLock, the pathway to success is unquestionable.”

— Andrew Rabin, General Partner and Co-Founder of 412