Virtual Reality Game Studio Vinci Games Raises $5.1 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Apr 21, 2023

Vinci Games – a globally-distributed virtual reality (VR) game studio – announced it has raised $5.1 million in a seed funding round led by Makers Fund with participation from Y Combinator, Soma Capital, Pioneer Fund, Anorak Ventures, BonAngels, and Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin.

Vinci Games was founded by CEO Nathaniel Ventura (previously at Oculus) and CTO Maciej Szcześnik (former lead game designer of The Witcher series at CD Projekt Red). The funding raised will be used to support the development of the studio’s first game – which is the competitive, socially driven VR basketball experience Blacktop Hoops.

Blacktop Hoops is an arcade VR basketball game that brings authentic and fast-paced competitive streetball into the virtual world. And it features the most intuitive dribbling, dunking, and shooting basketball mechanics specifically designed for VR, allowing players to experience the excitement of streetball with full-body avatars and immersive environments.

The Beta introduces the first downloadable content for Blacktop Hoops, which is the Rising Legends Pack. This brings 5 new bosses for players to face off inspired by real-world streetball legends. For the multiplayer mode, the Beta now offers fast-paced competitive, and casual 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, and 4vs4 matches. Since its Alpha launch, Blacktop Hoops has risen up the charts to become the second most popular app on App Lab with a 4.9 rating and over 9,000 reviews, and a 90% positive rating on Steam.

Blacktop Hoops is now available for free Beta access on Quest App Lab and Steam. Here is a video promo of the game:


“We’re excited to build the next generation of competitive sports in virtual reality. This round of funding helps us grow our team and build new groundbreaking features and content pushing the boundaries of VR. Blacktop Hoops has been designed from the ground up to be easily accessible for casual players with a high skill cap for competitive players; it’s extremely easy to pick up but difficult to master.”

– Nathaniel Ventura, CEO, Vinci Games

“We’ve built the most cutting-edge AI systems for a VR sports title with hundreds of motion-captured animations and adaptive AI that respond to how you play. You feel just like a pro baller going toe-to-toe against world-class basketball players.” The bundle also gives players new customization features such as emotes, custom courts and dunk explosions.”

– Maciej Szcześnik, CTO, Vinci Games

“Blacktop Hoops is unique in its approach to competitive, arcade-style basketball to VR platforms, and our investment was driven by the Vinci Games team’s commitment to crafting a unique basketball gameplay experience and vision to develop the most immersive, social and, above all else, fun virtual experience possible. Vinci Games has assembled a world-class team with deep experience in VR and games, and we look forward to supporting them as they continue to grow the player community seeking new competitive sports-based challenges in VR.”

– Gregory Gunadi, Makers Fund