Why Alteryx (AYX) Is Buying Hyper Anna

By Annie Baker • Oct 12, 2021
  • Analytics Automation company Alteryx, Inc. (NYSE: AYX) announced recently that it has acquired Hyper Anna. This is why.

Analytics Automation company Alteryx, Inc. (NYSE: AYX) announced recently that it has acquired Sydney, Australia-based Hyper Anna, a leading cloud platform for generating artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automated insights from data. Hyper Anna is a company that enables anyone, regardless of technical background, to access AI-driven insights. The acquisition of Hyper Anna will allow Alteryx to automate the end-to-end analytic pipeline from data sources to AI-driven insights.

Hyper Anna’s platform offers faster and better insights that scale and overcomes the issue presented by traditional business intelligence (BI) dashboards where the analytical output is predefined and unaware of the business users’ contexts. And overcoming the common issue of “too many dashboards, not enough insights,” the combined Alteryx and Hyper Anna platform will empower people and organizations to create and consume insights, accelerating breakthrough outcomes from their data.

Alteryx excels in automating data science and analytics from data acquisition to data transformation, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive insights via a code-free and code-friendly platform. And with the acquisition of Hyper Anna, Alteryx customers leveraging these platforms will be able to:

a.) Highlight outliers or anomalies in data that would have gone unnoticed in traditional visualization tools so users can focus on the key issues

b.) Use AI-powered insights to determine key trends in the data, automating mundane tasks and allowing for more time on meaningful work

c.) Derive impactful stories around the data, no matter the user’s level of technical experience, to speed actions and decisions within the business


“Hyper Anna’s mission to enable everyone, regardless of analytical background, to access data insights aligns perfectly with the Alteryx vision to enable every person to transform data into a breakthrough. With this acquisition, we are thrilled to offer a joint solution that empowers our customers to derive world class, human insights that matter, adding value to every line of business time and time again.”

— Mark Anderson, chief executive officer of Alteryx

“Over 7,000 customers love the Alteryx analytics automation platform because it helps them unlock new value from their data. By now working together with Alteryx, we can offer capabilities that are far greater than the sum of its parts—the Alteryx offering that customers know and love but with more insights, visualizations and reporting features that enable every team to create recurring impact. This is the kind of end-to-end partnership that will help customers take their business to the next level. The Alteryx vision aligns so genuinely with what we set out to do at Hyper Anna and I could not be more excited to see where we can go from here.”

— Natalie Nguyen, chief executive officer of Hyper Anna

“According to Accenture, 75% of the global workforce has access to traditional BI tools, yet over 74% of enterprise workers are still overwhelmed working with data. There’s a huge need to get faster, automated insights that can be democratized and accessed across an organization. The combined platforms from Alteryx and Hyper Anna seek to solve this, ultimately helping data workers of all levels of expertise efficiently achieve business value and breakthroughs that matter.”

— Suresh Vittal, chief product officer of Alteryx