Gmail App To Gain The Ability To Disable The Conversation View

By Noah Long ● Updated August 10, 2018

Gmail will soon allow you to disable the conversation view in its iOS and Android apps. The ability to toggle the conversation view on and off already exists for the web-based version of Gmail.

Gmail had originally popularized the threaded email conversation concept years ago, but many people still preferred to have separate threads for each email they receive. So the Gmail team said that this feature was added to accommodate users that prefer to view messages individually.

You can disable the conversation view in Gmail for iOS and Android by going to the settings menu > tap on your account > disable the Conversation View by tapping on the toggle off. This would have to be set up for each of the email addresses you use with Gmail. To turn the Conversation View on an off in the desktop version of Gmail, go to Settings by going to Settings > General > Conversation View.

And it’s also worth mentioning that if you have the conversation view mode disabled in Gmail on the web, then it would also be turned off automatically in the Gmail app for iOS and Android. This feature should be rolled out to all users within the next couple of weeks. You can learn more about the feature on Gmail’s G Suite blog.

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