Samsung Galaxy Fit Features: What You Need To Know

By Dan Anderson ● February 21, 2019

Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Fit wearable devices at the Unpacked 2019 event. The Fit devices were made for all types of fitness enthusiasts ranging from casual runners to athletes to hikers. And the Galaxy Fit supports active lifestyles as they have thin and lightweight bodies.


The Galaxy Fit automatically starts tracking your activity as you walk, run, bike, row, and hop on the elliptical trainer or start a dynamic workout. Plus you can manually select from more than 90 different activities from the Samsung Health app on your smartphone. And the Galaxy Fit will automatically start to track your workout.

Additional useful features built into the Galaxy Fit include sleep analysis and smart stress management so you can monitor your wellbeing at any time of the day.

With the Galaxy Fit, you can receive alerts and messages or check the widget, which are synced straight from your smartphone such as alarm, calendar, and weather without touching your phone.


And when you travel to a new time zone, the Galaxy Fit will automatically display a dual-clock watch face to make it easier to manage your schedule. The Galaxy Fit is water resistant so you can also take it with you to the shower and the pool.

Another version of the Fit is the Fit E.  The Fit E is smaller in size and comes in black, white, and yellow. And it uses a stripped-down version of Samsung’s wearable operating system.


The Galaxy Fit is priced at $99 and it will be available in the second quarter of 2019. It is unknown how much the Fit E retails for, but it is expected to be significantly lower.

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